Restaurants and cafes are amongst the most beneficial and emerging businesses in this era.

As per a study, 92% of users reported that they searched restaurants on the mobile web, and 81% of customers reported that they searched for a cafe or any eatery using an app.

One of the highest growths in the market share stands for restaurant-related apps. Restaurants' mobile apps will add value to your customers by allowing them to have a look at your services and help businesses in creating a strong brand image.

A recent Statista survey shows that a large number of diners use restaurant mobile apps whereas 55% glance at the menus and pricing, 30% order food online, 38.2% search for deals, and 23.8% make reservations.

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1. Dining trends in Digital Marketing

Customers are now preferring to get complete information before visiting a restaurant. 94% of mobile users are browse cafes and restaurants before visiting the place.

They tend to decide easily to opt for the place by getting information online.

One more research by IAB got data where almost 70% of users turn to their smartphones and mobile apps to order food. Besides, with mobile app development services more and more users will use the restaurant app. And, 50% of savvy mobile users do have specific restaurant apps to order food.

In digital time, we are getting more engaged with customers, and restaurants can directly communicate and personalize the order.

2. Loyalty & Referral Programs

We all have ordered food and get rewards from the restaurants. Specifically, from pizza outlets and at fine dine cafes where you will get points on your orders.

This helps the business generate 67.6% more profit as customers will visit again to use those points and shows loyalty.

The referral strategy is running for a long time and was successful to employ Restaurants' ROI. One of the biggest reasons for implementing a referral program is the fact that mobile-based loyalty programs are showing customers how important they are and serving them is a pleasure.

Reasons That Make Restaurant App Development a Must-Have for Restaurants and Cafes Business

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3. Increased Sales Amongst Millennials

As per the Food Tech Connect, 98% of above 18 years users paid a restaurant bill through mobile and will prefer to do the same. Whereas 35% of users have ordered from smartphones, and 40% uses mobile payment over other options.

Restaurants should take advantage of this mobile trend to increase sales by developing flexible and robust android app. Mobile app development will help restaurant business boost their customer engagement and elevate the dining experience.

iOS app development services are one of the best to build restaurant app for your iPhone users who will happily use the app to order food online.


4. More Customer Engagement

With restaurant mobile apps, businesses get more engagement with their customers. Users will visit the app and see the menu to order, or see the pricing and will update their dining preferences to include favorite menu items and drinks while doing reservations.

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Restaurant mobile apps help businesses to improve by instant feedback and recommendations. Customers will share food images and their experience through the app and it will help you drive customer engagement.

5. Improved Customer Experiences

Flexibility for customers is one of the most notable benefits of having a mobile app. With the help of an android mobile app and iOS mobile app development, you are giving freedom to customers to order food and visit the menu and other detail at their convenience.

This helps customers to explore the restaurant and add their experience with which you can improve efficiency at highest level.

Starbucks and Subway are fast-running restaurants and cafes that are taking advantage of a valuable mobile app for online ordering.

The majority of users are ordering from the Starbucks app and pay for their meal ahead of time. Hence, it helps them to reduce the line and waiting time for customers at the counter.

  • Updates order accuracy and guest satisfaction.
  • Servers spend less time while attending customers calls.
  • Restaurants can focus on customers who are dining in the restaurant.

6. Streamlining the action of Ordering- Processing- Delivery

Restaurants are high in demand and specially on holidays, it is challenging to manage. With this expanding delivery market and third-party delivery platforms, restaurants need app to manage multiple tasks. But now restaurants can leverage the benefit of the sector that was only available to large chains with their delivery lines.

A mobile app development service is helpful to restaurants and small cafes that are willing to expand their presence online which enables customers to place an order, can track while it is being processed, and follow its location when it is out for delivery.

7. Online Presence, Reviews, and Ratings

With help of an android mobile app and with iPhone app development, you can rank your restaurant on various ranking sites. A mobile app development company will help customers to find your app and prefer ordering from mobile devices.

A seamless mobile experience will be appreciated by customers and they will add feedback that creates a positive impact. As a business, you can take care of negative reviews by taking quick action and resolve them immediately.

8. Boost Your Brand

A crucial part of all marketing strategies is brand awareness and with the help of the mobile app, your restaurant business gets branding. With increasing competition, businesses are investing to increase their presence and creating value

Having your restaurant's mobile app is one of the most straightforward ways of attracting. They might not use your app every day, but will remember the brand name and use it when required.

This shows how important it is to have an app icon that is eye-catching and recognizable.

  • The app icon should be easy to recognize.
  • The colors and the design should be consonant with the app.
  • It should be competitive.
  • Avoid using words in your app icon as they clutter the design

9. Reliable Processing of Payments

Payment should be the easiest and convenient option to be provided when ordering food online. When customers order or book table online, the restaurant app must offer few payment options that are easy and secure

Users will highly recommend ordering online from the app that offers an easy payment option. If your restaurant is quite busy, arranging the payment option is the best way to manage orders.

10. Stronger, Authentic Visuals

People can resist anything but temptation where photographs of food give more appealing and mouth-watering effect. Intelligent and actual representations of your food help customers attract more and help them order immediately.

Great photography of food and special items of your restaurant will help your business grow. Add a gallery of food images in your app to guide customers to choose the food accordingly.

Most Restaurants Fail Because Of:

This is difficult to think of or evaluate but most restaurants fail due to lack of online presence. Some of the statics proved that if you don't run with competition and trends, your business can be at risk.

So, investing in mobile app development is the right decision to make your business successful. It is like giving the business security that will help you grow and assist in offering a better experience to customers.


Have you ever thought of managing a campaign or offering a better experience to your customers?

You might think this is time-consuming and took more effort to manage. But all these are possible with a restaurant app. You can run customized promotions for your customers and make them feel special.

Benefits of a mobile app for Restaurants:

  • Customers tend to spend more when they order from an app as they can take time while ordering from their preferred restaurant.
  • Restaurants can enhance productivity and the ability to manage orders with accuracy.
  • Customers will attract to loyalty programs.
  • Restaurants can improve by retaining customers.
  • It is hassle-free to manage the cash flow in the restaurant.

If you are looking to get an online presence for your restaurant business, consult our experts now.

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