In 2021, when the development industry is full of various frameworks, JavaScript has turned out to be the most popular language among developers today. There are many experts, professionals or freshers who are willing to develop an application using JavaScript, but still, they are in the dilemma of choosing the right framework for their project.

However, AngularJS and ReactJS remain their topmost priority but still, most of them are unable to decide which one would be best for their front end development services. Every developer is keen to learn and understand which one would turn out to be the best one. While both frameworks are used to develop web and mobile applications. They each have their own perks and drawbacks.

As a mobile app development company, we have come up with an in-depth comparison between AngularJS Vs ReactJS. This article will surely give you a bright side while choosing the front end development services for your next project in 2021.


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AngularJS Vs ReactJS: Best Front End Development Framework in 2021

Let’s start considering some important factors, advantages, and disadvantages of AngularJS and ReactJS. Well, these factors will help you understand and choose the right framework for your website development services.

What’s AngularJS?


AngularJS is launched and maintained by Google. It’s an open-source framework for developing dynamic web applications. It uses HTML as your template language and spreads HTML’s syntax to expose your application components clearly. The primary goal behind AngularJS is to bring JavaScript into HTML with real DOM client-side rendering.

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Advantages of AngularJS

Since AngularJS comes up with a full-fledged MVC framework, it offers opinions and functionality out of the box. You can easily and quickly adapt it without feeling intimidated by decision-making.

However, if you ask AngularJS developers about the main benefits of using this framework, they will consider the MVC pattern. While with other frameworks, you have to divide your app into MVC components.

AngularJS evolved from a framework to a platform. Therefore, it allows you to utilize its components with other frameworks. Moreover, you can easily develop a web application without worrying about other modules or structures. As a matter of fact, Angular has large community support as well.

With AngularJS, you can select any environment for web development. Although many developers prefer TypeScript, you can choose JavaScript or Dart. For templates, it allows you to choose pure HTML or pre-processors like Jade.

Disadvantages of AngularJS

  • Steep learning curve
  • Challenging scopes to debug Limited Routing
  • Sometimes it works slowly with pages embedding interactive components
  • Complicated to integrate with third-party apps

Key Features of AngularJS

  • Entirely based on JavaScript and HTML
  • It changes static HTML to dynamic HTML
  • Helps create new HTML constructs
  • Data binding
  • High speed and performance
  • Routing
  • Deep linking
  • Lesser code
  • Dependency injection
  • Directives
  • MVC architecture

What’s ReactJS?


ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Facebook. By using ReactJS, developers can develop interactive user interfaces or UI components. It’s a great tool to craft various UI components such as search bars, on-screen menus, buttons, and many others.

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Advantages of ReactJS

Where all the JavaScript frameworks are reactive towards SEO, ReactJS does a wonderful job in that. Using ReactJS, you can run it on the server-side. The virtual DOM will be returned and rendered to your browser as a regular web page.

JSX is an HTML-like syntax that compiles down to JavaScript. For JSX, markup and codes are composed in the same file. This means code completion gives you a helping hand as you type references to your component’s functions and variables. On the other hand, there is no code coloring, limited code completion support, and run-time failure in other frameworks. Hence, ReactJS is ahead in this.

Unlike AngularJS, React Native is much more focused on the user interface. Using JavaScript interactions between the Native environment of the device and ReactJS Native gives you a highly responsive interface. Therefore, it increases the load time of an app and runs smoothly.

ReactJS is highly efficient. It creates its own virtual DOM. It allows developers to have high flexibility. If any changes are made in the virtual DOM in advance, it updates the DOM trees accordingly.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

  • Integrating Reacts in the popular MVC framework like Rail needs complex configuration.
  • A developer must have in-depth knowledge about the integration of the user interface into the MVC framework.

Key Features of ReactJS

  • JSX
  • Virtual DOM
  • One way data binding
  • Based on components
  • Declarative
  • React Native
  • Event handling
  • High performance

AngularJS vs ReactJS – What Sets Them Apart?

As we know, AngularJS and ReactJS are robust front end development services. Both frameworks enhance the development process and develop an advanced web application.

Here are some of the differences between AngularJS Vs ReactJS.

Framework vs Library

Angular is a complete web framework, whereas, ReactJS is a JavaScript library. While developers have to integrate React with other frameworks and libraries to develop a web app, AngularJS is a complete solution in itself.

Angular acts as a foundation for creating web applications. Whereas, being a whole library, React offers varied JavaScript functions and a collection of code that helps you develop web applications.


Albeit, they both share reusable, modular, and similar components, they have a different technological stack. The developers use JavaScript to program ReactJS development services. On the other hand, for AngularJS development services, developers use error-free language TypeScript in the form of JSX.

Framework Size

AngularJS has a plethora of features to offer - from testing tools to templates. Therefore, it can contain up to 500 KB. If you are planning to develop a large project, then you should consider Angular. If you are serious about developing a unique web app using AngularJS development services, then you have to contact the best website development company. As they will bring the best to the table.

When we talk about ReactJS, its file can be a smaller space - about 100 KB. Well, you can consider React while developing a lightweight web application.


AngularJS uses templates that are based on Angular directives and HTML. Whereas, ReactJS uses templates that are based on JSX. It allows you to write the markup in JavaScript code directly using XML language.

If you are choosing ReactJS, you must have a good knowledge of JavaScript. On the other hand, with AngularJS you need to have a good understanding of specific syntax.


Key Differences Between AngularJS Vs ReactJS


The Final Comparison: AngularJS vs ReactJS





Angular is a complete framework. 

React is a JavaScript library, and it is much older compared with Angular. 

Use of Libraries 

Angular is a complete solution in itself.

ReactJS can be packaged with other programming libraries.

Learning Curve

Learning Angular is not easy for beginners. Thus, it requires lots of training. 

It is easier to grasp compared to Angular. However, it is difficult to learn when augmented with Redux. 

Community Support

It has a viable and dependable community support system.

When it comes to community support React doesn't offer much.

Installation Time

Angular is easy to set up but may lead to an increase in coding time which also results in delayed project deliveries.

React takes longer to set up. But, it is really fast for delivering projects and building apps. 

Best Features

It offers a limited amount of freedom and flexibility.

It gives you the freedom to choose the tools, architecture, and libraries, for developing an app.

Data Binding

Angular uses the two-way data binding method. It helps you to ensure that the model state automatically changes when any change is made.

React language uses one-way data binding, which means that the Ul elements can't be changed without updating the corresponding model state.

Testing & Debugging

The testing and debugging for a complete project is possible with a single tool.

It requires a set of tools to perform different types of testing.


Due to the ongoing development process, the documentation is slower.

Although it is also undergoing regular updates, the documentation is relatively faster.


It plans updates every six months, which gives some time to make needed changes for migration.

Updates in React are simple because scripts help in the migration.

Application Types

You should use this framework If you want to develop a SPA(Single Page Application) and mobile apps.

Use this app if you want to develop Native apps, Hybrid apps, or web apps.

Ideal For

Ideal to use when you want to develop large-scale, feature-rich applications.

Ideal for modern web development and native- rendered apps for Android and iOS devices.


Based on MVC (Model View Controller)

It is based on Virtual DOM

Written In



Community Support

A large community of developers and supporters.

Facebook developers community.

Language Preferences


JSX - JavaScript XML

Companies Using

Wepay, Beam, Auto Trader, Mesh, Streamline Social, etc.

Facebook, Uber Technologies, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, etc.





An angular framework is very sensitive, which means that it restricts you from using large models.

React gives you an option to choose without putting any performance penalty.

Use of Code

Angular comes with many ready-to-use elements. However, it mainly comes from a specific provider. So, there are priority collisions and namesDaces.

React allows you to manage the code according to your desired format.

Conclusion: AngularJS vs ReactJS - Which suits your project the best?

Well, if we talk about choosing the best framework between AngularJS and ReactJS, it will be really tough to answer.

Precisely, Angular is the most mature framework and has good support. It provides a powerful tool-set to support holistic front end development services. The continuous support and updates from Google suggest that the framework is going to stay for a long time. Google is trying to preserve the current community and switch them from AngularJS to Angular 2 with higher performance. So you can select the AngularJS development company to build an Angular app.

On the other hand, React is old enough to be mature and has a huge number of contributors from the community. It suggests a lightweight approach to developers to quickly start on work without much learning. Therefore, React is similar to Angular when it comes to performance.

Each of the frameworks has its pros and cons. Thus, it’s advisable to choose a framework as per your project’s requirements and features.

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