As technological development continues to accelerate, the use of mobile app development continues to invade deeply into almost all aspects of the economic system; the healthcare industry is no exception:

  • As per the research by Research and Markets, the worldwide mobile health app market is predicted to increase from 28.320 billion USD in 2018 to a whopping 102.35 billion USD by 2023 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29.30%.
  • And Accenture mentioned that 75% of US consumers viewed technology as important to manage their health in 2018. Besides, nearly half of healthcare users are using mobile/tablet apps for their healthcare needs which were 16% in 2014.
  • Healthcare app users are frequently turning to digital solutions where they are getting all the services with ease and these tend to show an inclination to address their healthcare needs quickly.
  • Besides, as per BusinessWire research, 50% of consumers mentioned that they would leave their current providers for one that promises better technology.

So, all these figures foam seems that there are great business opportunities for healthcare app development and users are opting for online consultation and easy appointment for their healthcare needs.

With the high demand of users and rise in technology, businesses are looking for great opportunities to develop excellent healthcare apps that satisfy consumers’ needs and make the most of this highly potential market.

Lets’ see some Healthcare App Ideas and how it is helpful.

Table of Content

  1. 1. Healthcare App Development in 2021
    1. 1.1 Healthcare Monitoring App
    2. 1.2 General Health and Wellness Test App
    3. 1.3 Sleep App
    4. 1.4 Appointment Booking App
    5. 1.5 Online Therapy App
    6. 1.6 Personal Medical Records App
    7. 1.7 Recovery App
    8. 1.8 Pharmacy Delivery App
    9. 1.9 Mental Health App
    10. 1.10 App for Women's Wellbeing
  2. 2. Create an On-demand Doctors App
  3. 3. How to Turn Your Healthcare App Idea into Reality?
  4. 4. Why Choose Us for Healthcare Application Development?

Healthcare App Development in 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there is a drastic change in businesses worldwide. Especially for healthcare systems, consumers are more often going with mobile apps that have become a new common. Apps like Telemedicine and healthcare apps with ML and AI implementation serve remote patient monitoring in no time.

There is a huge scope in the Medical Industry and with the help of technology, a business can win the global mHealth market which is estimated to reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 as per Statista report.

A Healthcare app development company can help you get the best application that serves as per your user's needs to be considered the business categories that can be a healthcare app for doctors and healthcare apps for patients.

If you choose to develop an app that is for doctors, it includes Personal Health Records software (PHRs) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) that offers health records to doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

Whereas the mobile app for patients incorporates features such as health management, online consultation, booking appointments, fitness tracker, and more.


Healthcare Monitoring App

Healthcare Apps are divided into various types and one of the popular apps is Health Monitoring App. It is developed to monitor the persistent conditions of the patient where a user can check blood pressure, diabetes, sugar levels, and more.

Such healthcare apps will allow the user to monitor the app on a timely basis and assist doctors to know the health conditions of every patient by keeping their health history. With this, you set an appointment and take proper treatment or prescription as required.

General Health and Wellness Test App

General healthcare apps are used these days to monitor health and keep the track of fitness. After covid, consumers are alert and started using wellness test apps to track their health with tools such as blood pressure tests, heart rate tests, and measuring diabetes.

Such health tracker apps are well developed for people who want to keep a record of their health data on regular basis. You can hire dedicated developers to develop excellent health and wellness test app that servers best by incorporating all the features.

Sleep App

Healthcare apps can be defined as a wide category where the patient can record their fitness and sleep timings. Sleep app is one such app that can be considered as the most required app in todays' fast-moving lifestyle. A health test apps and can be developed by skilled and experienced developers who will offer an ideal solution for people having trouble with restful sleep.

With the help of the sleep app, users can choose some smoothing sound or and tracker that makes them sleep and relax for the whole time along with a good night’s sleep. Besides, at Estatic Infotech, our experienced developers will help you develop a healthcare solution that functions best for patients and records sleep time.

Appointment Booking App

Any appointment booking app comes under an on-demand doctor app that is designed and developed for doctors’ interests. Whereas healthcare professionals have already started using such apps that manage their appointment, booking details, patient records, and reduce paperwork.

Many appointment booking apps also offer functionality that connects both doctors and patients where the patient can connect with doctors based on their illness. They can easily book a consultation or schedule a call.


The majority of the healthcare professionals are using appointment booking app and offers the best services to their patients by making their availability and treatment based on a schedule.

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Online Therapy App

Therapy app is used to help as many people as possible through easy treatment access online. The online therapy app is used to treat the patient remotely by guiding them on whom to take a therapy. Doctors can ask for subscription fees for multiple-time services and patients will get more benefits of therapy at their homes.

It highly reduces the uncertainty of patients to get the therapy and messaging in person and can opt for the session online.

Such a therapy app is an ideal choice for healthcare app development solutions as it comes with more exploration in the health sector. Professional therapists and entrepreneurs can get such applications for their patients and treat them remotely.

Personal Medical Records App

If you are planning to develop an app especially for users, personal medical records app is an ideal choice. It is relevant to a personal medical record of an individual that supports them knowing their health and keeping records for further use.

Such an app is highly used as it allows patients to add their health records manually and share those records with the doctor. Develop such a smart healthcare app solution for doctors as well to learn a patient’s past health history and they may able to prescribe medicines or take further action.

Recovery App

Another ideal choice of healthcare app development is Recovery App. For all those who are addicted to something or the other, the recovery app is a great saver. There is nothing shameful or out of the talk when it comes to health and some addictions need to cure as soon as possible.

We did some research and found the need for such an app for addiction that is impacting a lot of people. That can be a Caffeine addict, Alcohol addiction, Drug addiction, Addiction to a phone, or any other addiction.

So, with the help of a recovery app, an addict can track the time and choose not to take any such harmful things and be able to manage to come out of the chain.

A Recovery App for any addiction can be developed with features like:

  • Video: They can see useful videos and can share videos their videos.
  • Time tracker: It is used to maintain a daily record and control over self.
  • Community: A community that helps the addicted.
  • Chat integration: Users can have chat with the inspired person or one who is helping them treat to record their timing and not use addicted stuff.

Pharmacy Delivery App

Pharmacy app is high in demand in today's world. We all know one such app that is assisted by the Pharmacy to deliver the medicines at our doorstep.

The main reason for the Medicine delivery app is increased due to COVID-19. As we all know how hard it was to manage the medicine in the time of emergency. If a person is sick, he/she may not able to get the medicine by himself and thus such an app helps to get the required medicines on time.

Medicine delivery apps by pharmacies have made it possible for users to get the medicines when required such as Uber for medicine apps. Such apps are like other on-demand app. Develop your on-demand Pharmacy Delivery app now with the help of our experienced app developers.

Mental Health App

Mental Health Apps are another known app that is increasing. We are living in a technology-driven and busy life that may give us stress and a different lifestyle.

Mental health apps will help give real by right guidance and consultation along with spreading awareness towards mental health. From booking a therapist to taking the guidance for mental health, a patient can take care of mental health keeping it as a priority.

People are facing a lot of mental health problems consisting of less sleep, panic attacks, stress, anxiety, depression, and more, and a mental health app is the best way to cure any mental health issue.

You can hire a cross-platform app development company to develop a mental health app offering single to multiple functionalities that also helps patients to reach doctors without hesitation.

App for Women’s Wellbeing

Women and men have different healthcare demands and the healthcare needs vary accordingly. From a monthly menstrual cycle to a monthly health checkup, the needs of women in healthcare play a key role in their bodily aspects.

Women’s wellbeing app helps users to address the right solution for any issues and requirements of women’s health. For developing an excellent healthcare application, hire mobile app developers who have experience in creating an app integrating multiple functions.

For women's healthcare app, you can ask to develop an app that tracks their menstrual cycle. You can add the functionality that gives information about different types of diseases like breast cancer, PCOD/PCOS and assist them in knowing the contact information of leading gynaecologists.

Create an On-demand Doctors App


If you are planning to develop a healthcare app, an On-demand doctor’s application is another best healthcare app idea. Such apps performed well in the market and are highly used by patients and thus on-demand doctors' app is the best in the healthcare industry.

You can develop an app like a food delivery app wherein a healthcare app, you can ask to visit doctors or can take online consultation. Users can even opt for doctor's visits at your home which allows patients to connect with doctors in real-time.

Benefits of such On-demand Doctor’s App:

  • It allows patients to book consultations on-demand.
  • Patients can discuss comfortably and privately with doctors without any hesitation.
  • The patient can get in touch with the right doctor through chat or video.
  • Patients will receive in-house telemedicine service within couple of hours.

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How to Turn Your Healthcare App Idea into Reality?


Once you decide on the idea of your healthcare app development for your business, the next step is to get the right mobile app development company or hire mobile app developers. If you have a mobile app development idea, you can make a list of functionalities and processes you are looking to add to your mobile app.

A leading mobile app development company in India will help you get the healthcare app with detailed development and designing of the app based on your app idea.

While developing an app, you also need to know the right cost of the mobile app development, and for the same, here are the factors:

  • Brainstorm process and authorize the app idea
  • Carry a competitive analysis
  • App development platform identification
  • Determine the app approach
  • Technology stack for the mobile app development
  • Experience and location of the development company
  • Size of the development team
  • UI/UX design of the app
  • App testing
  • Time duration required for the app development
  • Data security
  • App monetization plan in place
  • Maintenance and support

With the right healthcare app development company like Estatic-Infotech, it won’t cost you a lot. Besides, with a reliable and experienced app development company, you will get all factors like will make your app future-driven and user-friendly.

Why Choose Us for Healthcare Application Development?


Healthcare applications are much in demand as it is advantageous in business as well as for users who are seeking medical help. With the help of advanced technology, the healthcare sector can be more useful with the help of the mobile app development company, you can create an extraordinary mobile app for the users.

Estatic-Infotech has experience in 500+ app development and offers the best solution for healthcare app solutions. Our qualified healthcare app developers and designers have successfully developed advanced technology-based healthcare mobility solutions.

We have a huge team of skilled resources who will dedicatedly work for your app development, a testing team to make your app error-free, and tech professionals to ensure excellent app development service.

We examine the app development market and know trending technology and development trends to offer the best mobile app development service.

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