The eCommerce market is evolving incredibly fast with every passing year.  

As we know, the year 2020 was heavy due to the adverse effects of COVID. The pandemic rushed up changes with a negative effect whereas, for eCommerce, it was a miracle.

“All eCommerce business profits double the regular time and now more businesses are moving online in 2021.”       

It is highly convenient and influencing users to buy online and get easy delivery at the doorstep. With the booming eCommerce market, we cannot imagine the future without eCommerce as it is a part of our routine life.

Table of Content:  

1. eCommerce History 

2. Why are Ecommerce Trends so Important? 

3. What are the Trends of eCommerce? 

4. Top Ecommerce Trends 2021 

  • Ecommerce with AI 
  • Omnichannel Selling 
  • Mobile Shopping is Growing 
  • Not limited to B2C Products 
  • Personalization will go Beyond the Purchase 
  • Analytics will flourish 
  • Help to Increase Business Image 
  • Receive Instant Feedback on Products 
  • Transaction Security

5. Conclusion

eCommerce History  

If we look back, the first eCommerce company, Boston Computer Exchange was launched in 1982. It was a primary online market offering a platform to sell used computers.                                    

eCommerce played an influential role in the revolution of the retail market. It improves the experience of online shopping by recognizing the changing needs of people.                          

But in the beginning, eCommerce was limited. It gradually boosted in every sector with easy-to-shop and customization features. With the help of digitalization, the engagement of people with the eCommerce world is improving    

Why are Ecommerce Trends so Important? 

As many industries and business sectors have suffered throughout the last year, e-commerce has witnessed extreme success in 2020. 

  • Increased growth and is ready to continue well into 2021.   
  • Online businesses have risen in the absence of brick-and-mortar stores with sale records to be broken 

The eCommerce world is becoming increasingly booming and competing. To lead the market and be the first in the competition, e-commerce trends need to be constantly measured.                 

What are the Trends of eCommerce?

Businesses are experimenting with various marketing trends and features to appraise what works best for them. As per the news, current trends include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, influencer reality, and more.  

Marketers and companies have to choose the most exquisite and the latest eCommerce marketing trends as per their goals.                 

In the eCommerce marketing trend, online shopping is easier and convenient for customers. 

Top Ecommerce Trends 2021:  

With the help of an eCommerce website, or an eCommerce mobile app, you will be able to offer 24/7 shopping availability to your users. Besides, you can easily market your products online.   

  1. 1. Ecommerce with AI  

In the past decade, we have seen a huge transformation in technology and major changes are due to the benefits of artificial intelligence. When it comes to eCommerce, AI is the next massive change in 2021 business can benefit from.       

With the entry of machine learning, chatbots have become more mainstream, brands are leveraging AI to produce a real impact on online business.  

  • AI helps to create recommendations for what customers should purchase. 
  • Help to glace the purchase history of users and offer better products.       
  • AI will be able to serve on the backend and help in making inventory forecasts.      
  1. 2. Omnichannel Selling  

"Omnichannel is now a new common where businesses are offering products with the public cloud platforms. Known tools such as Amazon Personalize and Pinpoint have already started selling through this.    

Omnichannel selling is one of the best ways as a could potentially where business can manage from the bottom line. In 2021, we will see enterprises moving to omnichannel and have been predicted for great success.      


  1. 3. Mobile Shopping is Growing 

Everything runs on mobile and we cannot predict life without a mobile device. Most of us love to shop online from the mobile as the best way to view brands along with easy payment availability.     

As per the study, in 2020 the total sales made through mobile devices are $2.66 trillion and are expected to rise by 18.8% that is $3.16 trillion this year.        

The pay-per-click is a well-known strategy for businesses that need to be ahead over a long time. As a fact, mobile devices and their usage is increasing with every passing year.  

Besides, eCommerce growth is an ideal option for businesses to drive a future journey that will help them grow immensely. Thus, the scope of mobile shopping app is a huge market and businesses can expand to offer the best user experience.                        

  1. 4. Not be limited to B2C Products 

Separation wasn't merely a thing after last year where everything can be purchased online. Businesses have already started creating an online presence and eCommerce stores where users can easily reach them digitally.  

Consumers are moving to buy online as a convenient option to get everything necessary. Besides, food, fashion, and gadgets are not the only things available online.     

From furniture to groceries and service equipment to vehicle parts, all the sectors have joined the online platform.  

  1. 5. Personalization will go beyond the Purchase 

Personalization is not limited to email or birthday cards; it is much more than what has been done initially.       

Customers prefer personalized products and experiences. When a business offers something that is tailored to their unique need is the most unique experience users are enjoying. As per the study, Smarter HQ has determined that 72% of users only show interest due to personalized messaging. 

  1. 6. Analytics will Flourish 

In the digitalization world, customer data will proceed to gain value. eCommerce businesses are highly prioritizing customers' needs based on their past purchases and offering the best. Many brands focus on the basic, but important metrics presented to them on specific campaigns, and conversion metrics indicate the traffic and sales sources.    

However, as we are in 2021 and eCommerce is showing a graph upwards uncovering all the data and getting even more powerful.           

  1. 7. Help to Increase Business Image  

An online store helps your customer reach you anytime and it includes improving the image of your company through its availability. Your user will visit again and again by the experience you offer online as a great corporate appearance.     

Businesses can easily update the site and offer new products for customers. It will help create users' interest as they are getting exactly what they are looking for purchases. Besides, it helps you save your time and cost by limiting your travel for physical sales.  

  1. 8. Receive Instant Feedback on Products  

Traditionally, businesses need to move from place to place to get feedback and it was challenging o reach customers for their feedback.    

With an online store, you will have product feedback as soon as consumer receive it and start using. This helps you to get loyal customers and also improving the product where required. Well, with the online store, you are allowing to receive feedback and helping customers offer personalized services.  

Through star ratings and images in the feedback, businesses creating a positive impression for the new users. Moreover, the customer will feel satisfied as a brand is listing them after their purchase.   

  1. 9. Transaction Security  

Today, shopping and transaction over the Internet are safer as you are in constant touch with the brand and its services. It seems to be more substantial than a physical store as you are operating from your place with your account.    

eCommerce business is taking care of the security and get the SSL certificate for customers' safety. It will help in safe browsing and keeps the data encrypted.  

With changes in digitalized world and technology, users are demanding more and more. And organizations are offering solutions guaranteeing the trust and safety of shopping processes.     


To take your eCommerce business to the next level in 2021, make sure to take advantage of these emerging trends in the eCommerce industry. 

Businesses can utilize the latest technology in the best way for their brand to reach audiences across the globe. And along with changes in consumer behaviour, businesses can keep an eye on these eCommerce trends in 2021 and offer a better user experience 

Align your brand with an experienced eCommerce development company that will assist you with the best eCommerce store for your business. 



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