What does a year mean in a timeline? It might vary depending on who answers it, but it certainly means a lot in the design world. Designs and trends keep changing, with certain trends becoming obsolete and some staying and evolving.

Graphics and visual content are playing an important role in attracting future generations thanks to rapidly evolving technology and reducing attention span. And it is vital to know the trends to boost your brand among a larger audience.

So, what sets 2023 apart?

We have listed some graphic design trends to look out for that will help you strategize accordingly.

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Graphic design Trends get influenced by macro trends happening around in society and other design cultures and influence the use of graphic design. Design Trends comprise the latest typography, graphic design types, styles, and techniques that change over time.

So, we write about 10 Graphic Design Trends in 2023 that will influence your overall branding techniques and strategy.

Creative and Bold Typography

Typography is one of the most essential elements of graphic design. Designers use attractive typography to share their message. And now, the letters are moving next level with expressive typography. 2023 has introduced font software like Glyphs which lets users create their fonts easily. It has led to a plethora of quirky and bold designs that designers use to highlight and set apart their designs.

Motion Graphics

Graphic design is visual communication, as we all know. Motion graphics take that to another level by giving movement to the graphical elements. A part of animation, motion graphics is one of the most captivating graphic design trends owing to the recent popularity of short-form video content, virtual reality, and animation. Companies are now using Motion graphics by embedding them into their UX designs to boost engagement and make their content dynamic.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Content

Artificial intelligence and machine learning took the world by storm, and the effects are everywhere, including the design industry. OpenAI launched an AI system, DALL-E2, which lets users create realistic art with instructions in natural language. With the launch of GPT-4, we are set to see more AI-generated content.

Thanks to AI, creativity has taken another level helping designers create unimaginative content.

3D Graphic Elements

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds with the introduction of tools like Cinema 4D, which lets users create their 3-D artwork. No matter the type of graphics, designers use three-dimensional work in all fields, whether architecture, product design, or illustrations. From creating 3D characters and product demos to catchy typography, designers create scroll-stopping, captivating artwork.


Metaverse (an interconnected 3D virtual world), which used to be an abstract concept until recently, has started shifting to reality, revolutionizing the digital world as we see it. Cultural forecasts for 2023 highlight that around 80% of people will have a digital presence globally. Designers can take references from this Metaverse mania in many projects, whether illustrations or human models replacing avatars. Metaverse aesthetics and styling can be incorporated by going for glitch effects, tech photography, using a vibrant neon palette, etc.

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Abstract Shapes and Gradients

One graphic design trend that has evolved and continued to make its mark is that of abstract gradients and shapes. Gradients (colour transitions) render a calming effect on the design, creating a soft fluidity and continuation. Through variety, catchy hues, and contrast, abstract shapes similarly add a layer of visual curiosity to the design and make it more appealing. Brands are using this colorful trend in their social media posts and web pages, highlighting their products, landing pages, logos, etc.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Technology and time introduced us to NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse, opening a whole new world. The design world also followed suit, taking inspiration from this immersive and blending hyper-reality. The futuristic world uses technologies and tools like AR, VR, IRL, MR, etc., to create immersive user experiences. Designers are merging the actual and artificial to create mixed-dimensional work (sci-fi layout, ultramodern gradients), taking art and design to another level and enhancing user experience.

Illustrations Highlighting the Brand

We all are familiar with Google's doodles; if anything important comes up, google uses illustrations, which have become synonymous with the brand. A lot of smaller brands are also making use of this design trend to create their distinct image. Brand illustrations are now gaining traction and help designers create tailor-made icons and illustrations to accentuate their brand and build their unique brand story. If done right, brand illustrations have the power to quickly become synonymous with the brand itself, owing to their originality and uniqueness.

Back to The Old Days - Minimalistic and Vintage

Many of us long for the good old days when everything was much simpler and technology wasn't as much assistance as it is now. The result? Artists and designers used to put a lot of heart and energy into creating minimalistic and well-detailed designs. Minimalistic designs have been in trend for some time, and now this hybrid of retro and minimalism is gaining some traction resulting in cleaner, bright-colored, idyllic designs devoid of unnecessary details.

Experimental Designs

Do you remember coming across experimental designs that show an escape into imaginative worlds? Escapism has been one of the running graphic design trends for some time which has become experimental now with the technological advances. Designers are taking a leap by creating artistic, unimaginable designs backed by technical prowess. Exploratory designs, varied typography, textures, etc., create conceptually adventurous art changing how we perceive designs and our surroundings.

In a Nutshell

In this article, we list the current trends in graphic design for the year 2023. However, whatever the current trend may be, what matters, in the end, is that your images and graphics effectively communicate with your target audience. If it doesn’t resonate with your customers, the entire purpose of the design gets lost. Hiring a graphic designer from Estatic is the right option for that, as we work to create designs that are an amalgamation of trends and your unique brand story.

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