We live in a world of information overload. As of 2022, there are over 1.17 billion websites worldwide and more than 7 million apps. What’s more interesting? Apps were downloaded more than 100 billion times in 2021, expected to reach 200 by 2025.

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Our modern environment is multi-channel. Connecting to your target audience through establishing an effective presence across these channels is not only advisable butalso required. One of the most powerful tools in this multi-pronged process is mobile applications.

Overview Of The Usage Of Mobile Applications

Whether it’s recreational activities, paying bills, or helping customers reach your brand anywhere, anytime, mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives.

According to a report,

  • 40% of smartphone users (estimated to be over 6 billion) worldwide extensively use mobile apps when they start their everyday routine.
  • 64% of the time spent on mobile is on applications.
  • The time spent on apps was higher than on the web.

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According to Statista, mobile app downloads reached 230 billion worldwide in 2021, up from around 140 billion in 2016.

Steps To Hire Mobile Application Developers

Hiring mobile application developers can become a bit of a task if you are unclear about the process. This hiring guide will help you with the stepsyou should keep in mind when hiring a developer.

Get Clear About Your Requirements

The first and the most important step is getting clear about your goals. Get clear about a few things like,

  • the objective of your app,
  • the target audience you want to cater to,
  • what is your USPs,
  • are you really ready to invest in the process
  • who are your competitors,
  • what will be your revenue model, etc.

Once you have established a clear ground regarding the goals and objectives of your app development process, you can start researching the industry; if you are a novice. Get to know a little about the programming languages, the costs involved, where you can hire the best developers, etc.

Consult with A Mobile App Development Company Regarding Feasibility, Hours, And Cost Estimation

The cost of building an app will rely on the app’s functionality and the developer's price. The more complex the app, the higher the hours invested and the cost of building and maintaining it post-release. Also, developers with experience and expertise understand the market and can help you with the best designs to suit your business needs. Hiring an app development company might be more beneficial than hiring freelancers or a house team as they can give you a one-time rate and no overhead charges or on-the-job training required.

Connect with Developers Directly and Know the Process of the Company

You can face many hurdles if your team of developers is not in-house, like lack of personal communication, time zone gaps, cultural differences, etc. Knowing the workings of the company will help you understand the way forward. Gauge their skills based on past experiences, projects, niche expertise, etc. Getting in contact can help you know about important things like their design skills, user interface, tech and tools they use, etc.

Also, be aware of the payment structure they follow, i.e., if there are any ambiguities, or whether they sign NDA for code protection, etc. Learn more about their coding process, contracts, working style, etc.

Ask for the Client's Testimonials

Testimonials and feedback are among the best ways of knowing a person or company. Any good developer will be able to connect you to their previous clients for feedback. Going through the portfolio might tell you about your developers’ experience and expertise, but it won’t give you vital information like whether they were able to deliver on time or ease of doing business. Client testimonials will provide you with an unbiased view of the company you want to hire, and any negative response will give you the necessary warning to rethink your choice.

Set A Clear Expectation About Your Needs for Developers

There is nothing more taxing than unclear expectations and communication in any line of business. Knowing what you seek and communicating it clearly to your developer will help you save time, effort, and resources on both sides. Be clear about any project-specific skills or niche expertise required, the kind of app you want to build, etc. Setting clear expectations about your requirements from the beginning will keep the conflicts at bay and accelerate and smoothen your app development process.

Select A Hiring Model That Best Suits Your Requirements

Another crucial step is picking a hiring model that’s coherent with your business needs. Some of the most trending models are on-site (companies supply developers to work on-site for the project), off-site (companies have their workstation and keep your developer in the loop), and hybrid app developers (flexible team working in both scenarios). Also, consider whether you want to hire on an hourly rate or fixed price model. The hourly model lets you spend wisely, keeping track of unnecessary spending, and the fixed model helps the process be transparent as everything is pre-decided with deadlines.

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Benefits Of Hiring Mobile App Developers

If you want to build your audience, drive engagement and get a competitive advantage, investing in mobile applications is a must. Hiring an experienced developer will help you in the process as you can be sure of a great user experience (the backbone of any business).

  1. Skilled app developers can help you with quality and promise a smooth app development process. For instance, they would take care of UI/UX, your app loading time, or other steps in the development life cycle with complete authority.
  2. Experienced developers understand market trends. So, they can guide you with the best marketing strategy and can even help regarding the kind of app suitable for your business.
  3. Hiring a team can help you save time, as they can take care of all the intricacies, give you quick support, and be cost-effective as you can always go for a customized service.

The hiring guide has been created to walk you through the process, that is, the steps you should keep in mind while looking for app developers.

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