First things first, mobile application development is the process of building software for mobile devices, tablets, and digital assistants, most commonly for the iOS and Android operating systems.

Today, the mobile app sector is one of the most competitive and fastest-growing sectors around the world. You'll be surprised that global mobile app sales reached $462 billion in 2019 and are expected to touch $936 billion by the end of 2023. With more than 7 million applications currently available in app stores and hundreds of new ones launched every day, your Android app might need to catch up to stay ahead of the competition. However, only some mobile apps gain success. One out of a thousand mobile apps survive because plenty of applications are already available in the market.

Due to the quickly evolving technological sector, mobile apps have become essential for every business. And Android is one of the most widely used and popular platforms every business needs for its promotion and branding.

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The increased popularity of Android has made businesses reach customers quickly. That's why if you're planning to build a market-centric Android app for your business, Hire Android App Developers from a top-notch Android app development company, share all your requirements with them and let them focus solely on creating your app.

In this post, we will discuss how to hire dedicated Android app developers for your project and what benefits you'll get if you hire Android app developer from India. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Prerequisite for hiring a dedicated Android app development team.

  • Clearly define your goals

Before you start your development journey and developers for your project:

  • Define your goals precisely.
  • Set expectations about your requirements.
  • Perform extensive research on your app at an initial stage.

Doing all this will help keep conflicts at bay and accelerate development.

  • Technical expertise

As we all know, Android app development is a challenging task, and it requires a specific skill set and in-depth knowledge about the latest technologies and tools currently available in the market. Apart from experience, developer expertise is vital in app development. The Android app developers you hire for your project must understand the company's needs and have all the required technological abilities.

It doesn't matter whether you're planning to build a native Android or cross-platform; it requires a delicate balance of technical expertise, industry insights, and vast tech experience. So, ensure you hire Android app developers with an out-of-the-box understanding of both technologies and walk with the technological world to stay competitive.

  • Set your budget and deadlines!

Remember to confirm your budget before hiring Android app developers if you're a startup company. The cost of hiring dedicated mobile app developers depends on the type of app you tend to build and what features and functionalities you're willing to add to your Android app. If there are no restrictions on your budget, you can hire Android app developers from a top-notch application development company or opt for freelancers. However, first, you need to determine your budget and proceed.

Sometimes you have strict deadlines; the project must be delivered on time, and to meet the deadline, you can ask your developer how they manage the project with a strict timeline and what strategy they follow to deliver the work on time. You can also assess their speed by giving them a task and asking them to suggest a timeline for it.

Process of hiring a dedicated Android app development team

  • Do your research!

The initial step in hiring a dedicated Android app development team is doing research. Before you hand over the project to any software development company, ensure you know the industry's ins and outs. If you're a newbie in the app development world, connect with some app programmers and development experts to understand a few basics. Learn about the programming languages used, how much it costs to build an Android app on average, the best countries for outsourcing, project management tools, etc., to ease the development process.

  • Make a list of websites that you consider fit.

Suppose you're planning to hire dedicated Android app developers. In that case, you must visit, as it is one of the best platforms to find an established Android app development firm. Apart from this, you can also use Top Coder, Android Forums, or Koding. These few general app developer communities will help you choose the right development partner for your project.

Through all this, list websites or companies you think are a good fit for your project. All this will help you choose the right technology partner and build a successful Android app.

  • Check their company portfolio.

Before you directly hop on to the hiring process, analyze the company portfolio and check their recent projects of Android developers through which you can understand their development approach, development quality, and the quality of their project delivery. A full-proof way could be downloading some of their apps, testing them, going through reviews, and reading clients' testimonials. Also, you can contact some of their clients and cross-verify to learn more about the service.

While reviewing the company's portfolio, check the type of application, user experience, clientele, target users, the magnitude of projects, and visual aesthetics to confirm your prospective developers' qualitative side.

  • Get in touch and explain the details along with the budget.

Connect with the development firm personally after analyzing the company portfolio and evaluating the developer and their competitors. Contacting them and discussing the project requirements and the type of project you want will give you proper judgment. Ask about their technology, design skills, development approach, hiring cost, payment model, and more, considering what you need.

  • Select the website or company that gives the best quotation.

After getting in touch with various service providers, you must have a clear vision of the company whose skill set and justification are best suited for your project. You can also set up an interview to narrow the candidates by asking several important questions. Whoever you hire, interview them rigorously and get clarification on every critical area required for developing your Android app. Once you're done with the interview procedure, discuss the terms and conditions from your end.

planning to hand over your project to top notch talent

Benefits of hiring a dedicated Android app development team

  • Faster time-to-market

If you're working with a reputable Android app development company with a dedicated team of developers, you can benefit from a streamlined development process. They follow a well-defined workflow process, automating business processes and avoiding bottlenecks and excessive delays. However, this enables faster development, reducing time to market for your software products.

  • Budget-friendly

Hiring dedicated Android app developers specializing in development projects will lower infrastructure and overhead costs. But when businesses hire an in-house development team, they must provide workspace, development equipment, and other resources, which generate significant expenses. Conversely, some teams might operate remotely, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure costs.

  • Access to a larger talent pool

You'll get numerous benefits when you hire developers from a top-notch Android app development company. You can access a variety of talented and skilled professionals and dive into a wealth of knowledge and experience. These experts have an in-depth understanding of their respective technology domains, ensuring that your project is executed efficiently. Also, they can manage multiple development aspects simultaneously, from coding and design to software testing and project management.

  • Enhanced productivity

Hiring a dedicated Android development team ensures that your project is in safe hands and a separate team is solely dedicated to your project. This focus allows the development team to concentrate on the assigned tasks without distractions, leading to faster project completion and enhanced productivity.

  • Improved quality assurance

One of the most important aspects of the software development process is Quality assurance which cannot be overlooked. When you hire a dedicated Android development team, they have experienced software testers in place that perform extensive testing before the product is released, including manual testing, automated testing, and continuous integration. They can quickly identify errors and fix bugs to maintain the code quality and deliver a reliable software product to clients.


After reading this post, you can easily hire Android developers for your upcoming project. Though thousands of app developers are available in the market, choosing the right one with all the required skills and technical expertise is really a challenging task.

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