2020 has been a rollercoaster year. It started off in a good manner but soon the pandemic hit hard and everything went downhill. But with the fast approach of 2021, there are really high hopes that all industries and sectors would regain momentum.

When we talk about startups, well, 2021 will bring some hope and good news to them. The existing year made people come to face several challenges while being home.

And what more does a startup want?

A genuine solution that can overcome a problem.

And with the increasing number of mobile users, developing a mobile application to solve these problems seems like a great startup idea in 2021.

If we spotlight the statistical data, there will be around 7 billion mobile users in 2021. With the rapid growth of mobile apps, undoubtedly, applications have become an integral part of everyone’s daily routine life. From online shopping, booking a cab or doctor appointment, attending fitness classes, ordering groceries to book a restaurant table, everything is available at the tips of your fingers.


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So, after going through the digits, if you are still in doubt whether investing in a mobile application will turn out to be a worthy decision for your startup or not, then this article is for you.

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Why Mobile Apps?

As an experienced mobile app development company, we have come up with some statistical data which may help you clear your doubts about choosing a mobile app.

  • As per the report, average smartphone users install 60 to 90 apps and use one app daily. They usually spend around 2 hours 15 minutes on mobile apps.
  • A survey revealed that, by 2022, the total number of time spent by customers will increase by 92% to $157 billion worldwide.
  • Mobile app users spend 77% of their time on the top three apps, whereas, the rest of the time is split into other ten trending apps.
  • Another survey reveals that around 87% of users check their phone at least for one hour before they sleep and 69% of those users used to check within 5 minutes before sleep.
  • Users generally open 75% of apps and never come back. So, it’s important to have a billion app ideas and make them created to get the attention of users.
  • In 2019, users downloaded around 204 billion apps, and during this lockdown that numbers are quickly touching the sky.

To conclude these statistics, we can surely say that the 2021 year has plenty of opportunities to offer for the mobile app development industry. Many mobile app development companies are planning to develop various mobile apps for every industry. The number of apps is growing rapidly and offering ever-growing business opportunities for startups. However, if you are planning to develop a mobile, here’s the right time and you can hire mobile app developer for that.

So here are the few innovative mobile app development ideas that assure success to startups in 2021.

1) An App For Online Classes

Since the lockdown and pandemic have forced every educational institute to adapt the mobile applications, an app for virtual classes will create a buzz for the education industry. There are many apps available in the market like Zoom, Google Meet, and more for students to attend online classes. So, these apps allow students to get together virtually.

However, if you are planning to create an app using mobile app development services, integrating VR functionality could be a great benefit. Honestly, your app will fall into different categories from the regular virtual meeting apps. This app should allow the students to interact with each other and study virtually. Moreover, they can even leverage the combination of Augmented Reality with Virtual Reality to own a real-time experience of studying in virtual reality classroom scenarios.


2) Scan and Shop App

This is the latest and unique online shopping app you can create.

Usually, when a user lands on the shopping app, they need to search for an item through scrolling or by typing its name in the search box. A scan and shop app helps you read an image of the product you want to purchase and offers similar product options while shopping.

Here, users can choose their best opinion to purchase. Don’t you find it interesting? You can hire iPhone app developers and hire Android developers to build this ‘Scan and Shop App’ for your business and get ahead of other eCommerce applications.

Moreover, with the help of a mobile app development company, you will be able to conquer the mobile app industry by integrating Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

3) AI-enabled Restaurant Reservation App

There’s a new restaurant launched nearby your area and you would like to visit it. But, wherever you go, you can’t get a table of your choice. Therefore, you always walk out of the restaurant.

Well, for this plan, an AI-enabled restaurant reservation app is a great mobile app idea for startups in 2021. This app will offer a graphical layout of the restaurants in the nearby area. This way, users can view the graphical representation of restaurants and book the table as per their liking. This graphical representation can make it much easier for booking the desired tables. Hence, it can turn out to be the best and simple idea for a mobile app.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the app can remember the user’s preferences and suggest according. Moreover, it can also help you make it more personalized.

You can connect with the best mobile app development company to implement this app idea of a virtual restaurant reservation.

4) On-Demand Doctor Appointment App

Keeping the current scenario in mind, it would be really helpful to create a healthcare mobile application. Since the market has less competition, you can give wings to your startup by developing an on-demand doctor appointment app.

Everyone wants a quick service and we know once you go to the hospital, we can’t return after at least two to three hours. Well, health inspection or healthcare can be one of the best apps that will allow users to book an appointment with a doctor or health professionals. Additionally, users can also get a consultation over a video call.

This app can also be an app that makes automatic checkup appointments on your behalf after a certain time. Moreover, it can go further as well with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.

So, with this in mind, before developing an on-demand doctor appointment app, you should hire dedicated mobile app developer to give a platform to your unique ideas.

5) Investment and Trading App

Nowadays, people are focusing on investment and trading. Their interest in trading stocks and securities makes a mobile app development company go handy. The users are looking to get a comprehensive knowledge of stocks, share market, and foreign exchange tools. Moreover, they are also keen to invest in them.

As a business startup, you can meet their expectations by developing a mobile app where users can get all the relevant information of investment from various sources and anticipate their asset’s value.

The stock trading app has not opened its way into the app market yet. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in an app for your startup, this could be the best time.

6) Health Tracking & Food Planning App

Now the apps can help you check your health every day and keep track of your meals to evaluate what you should consume to remain healthy. Moreover, you can make your app feature-rich by offering extra features like food tips, easy-to-make recipes, or low-crip diet food suggested by health professionals to achieve certain health goals.

This app can allow users to choose from multiple food plans that best suit their health. You can rely on the software development company that can implement your idea with their proven methodologies.

7) AR/VR-driven Tours & Travels App

If you are planning to visit abroad, it’s not easy to find places to visit. This can be one of the best opportunities for startups to create a tourism app when travelers are out for holidays.

Your app will show all the famous tourist attractions, restaurants, and popular things to do in a particular location. So, travelers can enjoy their destination.

Utilizing AR technology, it can make your travel experience way better, Also, using VR, you can shortlist places in a better way.

8) Book Sharing App

It’s not necessary to access libraries to read or buy expensive books. This book-sharing app allows readers to read books and distribute non-copyrighted content with other readers.

Through this app, users can sign up for the app and declare the books in their collection. It allows other users with the same location to access them, read, chat, and share books.

Moreover, you can take your app to the next level by enabling users to create an e-book collection.

This app idea is very trendy for every startup in 2021. In this way, your app would target modern-day readers and learners who prefer comfort and convenience.

By leveraging mobile app development services from the expert, you can incorporate a premium subscription option as well.

9) Smart Car Parking App

It’s not easy to find a parking space for your car to park. With the rising number of vehicles on the road, it has become very difficult to find a parking space anywhere. So, to resolve this issue, the smart car parking app can turn out to be a game-changer.

The IoT-enabled parking app helps car drivers to find the vacant parking spot to park their cars. This app allows car users to find a parking spot easily and quickly.

10) Money Lending App

The money lending app makes its place in the trending ideas for startups in 2021 as it makes borrowing easy.

This peer-to-peer lending platform offers a marketplace for borrowers and lenders to connect and cater to the financial needs of each individual without having to meet personally. Though, it follows a cumbersome loan application process.

The app also gives borrowers and payers a turnaround time. You can include many features which include a bargain program where borrowers can set their expected loan rates and negotiate with lenders for cheap interest rates.

11) Translation App

Travelers or business people who frequently travel to another country, generally face the problem of speaking or understanding their language.

So, as a startup owner, you can utilize this app idea and make a mobile app out of it.

You will find some renowned translation apps like Google Translate and Google Lens which allow users to translate text in the form of objects, images, files, and text boards into their preferred language.

Well, to make your app more feature-rich, you can add a pronunciation feature, which enables users to listen, copy, and share it with other people.

This AI-based translation app is the best app idea to look out for in 2021.


12) On-Demand Cab Sharing App

As we know people travel a lot. And with the rise of travelers in 2020 and 2021, it would be a great idea to create an on-demand cab sharing application.

In 2019, car rentals while traveling generated around $2.5 billion. Most top-car sharing apps have a great number of cars. Therefore, they have met the needs of their customers.

13) Nearby Deal Alerts App

You will find many apps that offer you great deals for your nearby utility stores, shops, restaurants, showrooms, or services. But using those apps, you have to open an app and search for the deals before making a final purchase.

Since we are in 2021 now, why don’t startups come up with some amazing idea that notifies users with amazing deals nearby their real-time locations? Well, this would encourage people to open your app and purchase the products with a great discount. Also, this will allow users to do the process without putting in much extra effort.

14) AR-enabled Decorating App

The decorating app has secured its spot for the best mobile app ideas in 2021. This app allows users to rent, buy, and sell decorative items. Moreover, you can also allow users to hire decorators for the events like birthday parties, farewell, anniversaries, and more who can arrange the functions.

Additionally, you can integrate it with Augmented Reality. This way, users can see the theme of how they’d look in real life for their event. Well, this will uplift your app.

Hire mobile app developer to develop an app that can help you visualize a room with amazing decorations using AR. It will show the placement of things using 3D models on the app and let users know how it may look in real life.

15) Video Editing App

Social media has made everyone an influencer. Influencers are on the verge of advertising products or conveying messages in a video format. Well, this is a great way of marketing products though. Therefore, every organization utilizes the same format - video marketing which may create a huge impact on sales.

Thus, such posts need to look professional and attention-grabbing. Therefore, a video editing app allows professionals to edit video in a great way which gets a professional output of video. Moreover, bloggers and influencers are ready to spend plenty of money purchasing unique video editing apps as well.

16) On-Demand Car Repair App

This is another great app idea that startups can implement in 2021. Well, this on-demand car repair app can have the same interface as Uber. A user can call a mechanic expert using an on-demand car repair app to your real-time location.

This app will connect with nearby mechanics who would reach your location for car breakdowns. This will be very helpful for drivers who are stuck in the middle of the road and could not find any mechanism around them.

17) Pet Matrimony App

Well, if you are looking for a partner for yourself or someone else, you will find plenty of matrimony apps on the app store. But when it comes to finding a partner for your pet, you will set back as it requires a lot of physical effort. For that you need to be active on the ground, ask for the vets, making connections, and many more.

So, how about making their life easy by developing a pet matrimony app? Well, every issue can be resolved by having this app on the app store. This app could have similar features and filters like any other matrimony app, such as - breed, location, age, etc. Users could easily search by applying filters and find the perfect match for their pets to mate.

18) Contact Tracing App

In the crucial time of the pandemic, one must know the activities of their loved ones. A real-time contact tracking app allows the users to view the real-time data of COVID-affected areas and persons.

This app is developed to help the government track the contact chain of a user diagnosed with Coronavirus determining the source and possible spread of infection.

19) Smart Home App

Using IoT, now you can connect all your devices and access them from anywhere. Irrespective of the operating systems you are using, you can create an IoT-enabled smart home app that allows users to access their home appliances from anywhere. Moreover, you can notify users as well if any threat is detected.


20) Personal Wellness App

In this pandemic, mental wellness is the most important that every person must look for. Many people have been going through trauma and face many challenges. Startups can come up with an app idea that would help in wellness.

The personal wellness app will encourage people to meditate and help other people find inner peace. It will also allow users to set custom goals for their improvement. Additionally, it will send them motivational quotes and videos to keep them motivated and active.


The different mobile app ideas for successful startups in 2021 will surely take your startup to the next level. Customers are looking for various and innovative features to already existing types of platforms and always welcome new apps.

However, a mobile app development company should create various mobile apps to leverage the surge in demand for solutions in different industries.

We hope these 20 Best App ideas will help you fuel your startup venture.

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