As we all know, global digitization has been in progress, especially after the pandemic hit; everything and everyone went online. And now, the number of mobile users is greater than the total number of desktop users!

Websites have become necessary to grow your business, but what about a business mobile app? Not everyone realizes this yet; having a mobile app for your business is a must. Not just to expand your business and be in touch with your clients/ customers but also to provide better services.

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Every Business is choosing to have a #MobileApp: Are you?

To offer an improved user experience, using mobile channels is the easiest and most effective way to reach your target audience. Having a mobile app is no longer a luxury that only big companies have; no matter how small or big, every business has a mobile app. It is because everyone is always holding a smartphone, and if they can manage everything on their mobile, why go anywhere else?

The Statistics:

Mobile apps happen to be 1.5 times faster compared to mobile websites. Also, apps perform faster as their data is stored locally on your mobile. Hence, if any data recovery is needed, it is done in seconds. On the other hand, mobile websites need faster network speed to fetch data from web servers, which might take a minute or two.

Talking about smartphone users, the numbers indicate quite surprising statistics. In just 2017, there were approximately 4,435 billion mobile users, which increased to 6,055 in 2020, and in 2022, it has reached 6,648 billion mobile users worldwide.

The global mobile enterprise app market has jumped from $48 billion in 2016 to $98 billion in 2021. You can imagine how far your business mobile app will reach with these many smartphone users.

5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Better:

#1. Improved Productivity at Reduced Costs

Even while reducing marketing costs, you can expand your audience with the help of the mobile app. Having a mobile app for your business helps you connect with your clients, customers, employees, and suppliers faster and better. All while managing your business app, you can multitask and maintain everything in the app itself. That will eventually result in expanding your social media footprint over the internet.

#2. Personalized Notifications

For a very long time, emails have been the means of being a communication tool for most businesses, but we all know how it has lost their effectiveness over the past decade. Mobile app notifications are the new marketing tools that users can’t ignore. If proven effective, both in-app and push notifications will be undoubtedly helpful to all users.

#3. Offline Working Mode

This happens to be the most fundamental difference between a mobile website and an app. An internet connection is required to open any website, whereas a mobile app can perform basic functionalities even without an active internet connection.

According to your business/ product, you can add specialized features that can be accessed even when users are offline, which will be your business app’s unique feature.


#4. Faster than Mobile Websites

A well-designed mobile app can easily beat any website to work better and smoother. As we discussed earlier, apps tend to store the data on mobile devices, and because of that, retrieval of data is performed in mere seconds. For mobile websites, web servers are required to store and retrieve data – and this entire process might take up to a few minutes. And we all know that no one has time for “a few minutes” nowadays; everyone prefers faster and instant results.

#5. An Effective Marketing Tool

Mobile apps can be pretty effective in reaching the target audience/ customers. In the current era of digitization, we no longer need to print voluminous brochures to reach potential customers – a simple news feed on your business app can do even better results. Business owners can also engage customers through various in-app offers and promotions to share the latest promotional offers.

You must have gotten the idea about why mobile app is so essential for every business. Mobile apps allow you to enhance your business to the next level and help you grow your brand presence.

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