An on-demand mobile apps industry is right now one of the most booming and exceeding business models. Everyone is looking for an on-demand service that completes their demand in a short time.

To get things booked and delivered at home or to hire any service-related solutions, on-demand mobile apps are the ideal solution. From ordering groceries to taxi booking online, from salon service to home appliance services, everything is booked from on-demand app services.

The on-demand apps are right now the most profitable business and ruling the mobile application world with ease of use on-demand apps offer. These apps are immediate problem solvers, and most of us are saving our time and efforts using on-demand apps like Zomato, Uber, Bb daily, Amazon Fresh, and more.

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Future of On-demand Apps Solutions


In a digitalized and technology-driven world, mobile-focused landscape and business companies favour getting their audience everywhere. On-demand service apps make things pretty easy for end-users and app owners.

Due to its great offers and direct communication between the customers and the sellers, on-demand apps are widely used. Various forms of on-demand mobile apps hold online food ordering, spa appointment booking, online taxi booking, and more.

To offer customers, with more offers, on-demand services so that customers can opt for a service or product sitting from their location. Customers give importance to the products that make them feel happy and save their time on a busy day.

An on-demand mobile app development company is ideal for developing an on-demand application that your users will love.

As per the report, Statistica state that about 86.5 million people use on-demand apps in the US. Further, the on-demand services app market value is demanded to be $335 billion by the year 2025.

This unusual increase in demand is far more as compared to other industries. It also allowed enterprises to achieve their target audience and grow business profit.

Harvard Business report also mentioned that an on-demand economy is worth $57.6 billion on average, and it indicates a considerable growth of startups and a big game-changer. The aspect of on-demand apps since 2015 is booming and is about to change a lot.

Here are the few upcoming on-demand trends:

  • More businesses will embrace on-demand service apps.
  • There will be a significant rise in the number of operators sticking to the on-demand app economy.
  • The knowledge tests for personnel delivering services will go up.
  • Mobile app developers will get better opportunities for app development.
  • Digital channels will be the primary attraction to get a rise in on-demand app users.


Types of On-demand Apps that help your Business Grow

Today on-demand apps are providing a range of services to users' doorstep. Here are the different kinds of on-demand apps you can develop for smartphones:

  • Logistic Services

The logistic service is the delivery service that gives on-demand courier service you get in the market. It is fast, and anyone can cost-effectively use this service.

  • Housekeeping service

Sometimes, we may need some house help and assistance with certain tasks like cleaning the house, doing laundry, and more. If you have no time to do them yourself, you can easily hire someone expert from housekeeping apps.

It is easy and more convenient to make it quick for you to find someone who can assist you with such tasks.

  • Food delivery

Food on-demand apps are the most used and high in-demand apps that serve food online. To make it possible to deliver to your doorstep, food delivery apps are to be developed well by an experienced mobile app development company.

Your food is delivered just in a few minutes at your location. Most restaurants are ready to tie up with a food delivery app that helps them grow, offering quality food to maximum users.

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  • Cab rental service

The prevalence of on-demand apps in the cab rental service is known to all. There is no better example than Uber, as it has changed the way people look at public transportation. From organized shared transform to the private cab, they offer an easy ride for a common man.

  • Beauty service

Nothing is left behind when it comes to on-demand app development services. Beauty service is another known on-demand app as it offers salon and beauty services at the doorstep.

Here, users can experience a range of salon services at your home, consisting of skincare, haircare, pedicure, manicure, and more, by getting an online appointment with experts through the on-demand apps.

  • Handyman services

Say, for example, if you end up dropping a sink or broken electricity someday, a handyman service app is the solution. You can find the handyman experts of such services online from a handyman app.

Users can easily find experts who have tools, knowledge, and experience in fixing the issue from such an app.

  • Healthcare service

Healthcare is and will stay on the top when it comes to any online services. The healthcare apps make medical assistance easy and more convenient, from booking appointments, treatment, Doctors assistance, getting online medicines, and more.

You can easily find a doctor, register an appointment, and even get prescription medicines delivered to your home with the help of the Healthcare Service app. A custom mobile app development company can help you develop a successful healthcare app for your business.

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  • Learning and educational service

Education is not behind now with digitalization. Especially after the pandemic, online education is a new common where students can get educational services online for the app. With the right educational apps, you can quickly end the study issue where a teacher can help you with your lessons online.


Annual On-Demand Economy Spending

On-demand apps are getting super popular these days and hence hugely changing the lives of people. The on-demand app trend in the mobile industry reached $57 billion marks in 2018, and the coming years will witness a new spot.

Bringing more than 22.4 million customers every year, the on-demand app industry has annual average spending of $ 57.6 billion. With mobile app development services, it is easy to develop an excellent app as an experienced mobile app development service has the experience.

Estimated on-demand market revenue

The total income from all on-demand areas was $14 billion in 2014 and is demanded to reach a massive $335 billion in 2025.

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Must-Have On-Demand App Features

  • Real-time analytics

Such businesses should take care of the data being associated and updated in online management. It is equally helpful and makes sure that customers' desired functions are available anytime. Furthermore, all the features listed should be time-bound and effective.

  • In-built camera

The way to the camera allows the user to take photos and videos to give a substantial review, condition of product, feedback, get additional info, and more.

  • Communication channels

While performing orders, communication with a person giving it away in distress or need for a proper online discussion about chosen services or products.

  • Push notification

Push notifications are not new in the market, but it still holds the same importance. It is essential to keep customers implicated in their purchases and keep them informed of new stocks, new offers, and more. With push notification, they can obtain knowledge about the recent status of their order and services.

  • Tracking facility

One of the core functions is tracking the products. When offering anything online, the tracking option is of the utmost importance.  Product travelling from one place to another until the final point arriving will update your user about the stage of delivery. Here both GPS and checkpoints are beneficial and necessary to offer.

  • Payment gateway

Instantaneous in-built payment is necessary because users can now use their money without time-consuming transactions through third-party applications. Secure and easy payment with multiple options is the key.

  • Personalization

This option trades with UI/UX standards and usable interface design. Custom mobile app solutions enable customers to make purchases in a consistent and natural way.

  • Search and menu

For any product-based app, search and menu are the way to find products quickly.

The designed menu with a convenient class and subcategory group performs a pivotal part in app structure. The fast search and seasoned filters, which considered the most insignificant decisions of a client.

  • Smartwatch friendly

A mobile-friendly app is not new and plays a key role in any smartwatch app development. It is a significant investment not only into the smart-mobile market but also quickly developing new parts in the world of technology.

The smartwatch-friendly feature enables users to build or review their purchases without phones that making the method faster.

  • Ratings and reviews

The rating feature will help your business grow with users' recommendations and product reviews. It supports both sellers and buyers in enhancing their trading experience offers better quality. Customers can quickly find an excellent product if they see other people's ratings and reviews on a product that they used.

  • Activity list

Activity record is required for those people who like having complete control over their funds or tend to order the same things for the following months. IT is quite an easy and convenient option for booking orders without making them regular.

  • Wishlist, multiple order booking, and cancellation

A Wishlist benefits in keeping the products or submitting some orders to pay later. Multiple order booking is helpful while getting once a week or even products once a month. 

Booking cancellation saves time and effort for the situation when products were wrongly chosen or are not required.

  • Profile sidebar

One more tool of customization for users is to offer a profile sidebar. Though dealing with personal data or making a profile for a new app will help analyze the orders and other details when required.  

With the help of profile settings, customers will be able to manage the service to their likings, such as adding a delivery address, managing preferences, and more.

  • Admin panel

This function is essential for content and order administration work. Suppliers can immediately notify their customers, have quick access to accounting, provide user support, answer questions, receive complaints, and more.

Cost Breakdown of On-Demand Delivery App Development

When on-demand delivery app development is involved, there are essentially three principal elements. Cost is never exact when it comes to mobile app development as every business has different needs and features requirements for the on-demand application development cost, and they are:

  • The Consumer App
  • The Service Provider App 
  • The Web Dashboard

For the consumer apps costs, it is approx. $37,000
For the service provides app costs, it is approx. $30,000
And, for the cost to build The Web Dashboard is about $24,000

Ultimately, the cost of on-demand app development can end by saying that the average cost will be around $91,000. But, based upon the features, UI/UX, chosen platform of the app, the cost may dip or hike to some extent.

On-Demand Service App: A Game-Changer

With B2C, B2B, and C2C sales models, on-demand service apps easily promote purchases of goods and services. On-demand apps operate as an agent between a customer and a business.

From the business point of view, on-demand service apps have huge potential, and their interest appears to be increasing. Users worldwide have got the feeling of customized services, and they are asking more now. Many businesses are now investing in mobile app development services for making this quick and intelligent on-demand service app that will save their time and efforts by giving them the products at their doorstep.

These services have unlocked doors to various business opportunities, and their planned scope is definitely high.

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