One of the core frameworks in use today, ReactJS, aka, React, is a highly claimed JS library with around 31.3 % of leading companies like Netflix, PayPal, etc., utilizing the tool.

Reasons why corporates are so interested in this framework?

  • JavaScript is one of the core programming languages along with CSS and HTML, with over 97% of the websites using it.
  • React is SEO friendly and makes website testing easier.
  • Lower app development time frame.
  • Low impact of code changes which leads to consistent app performance, post updates.

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An Introduction to ReactJS

Used for web development, ReactJS is a popular front-end JavaScript library developed by Facebook. Responsible solely for the view layer, react helps build interactive and efficient user interfaces.

The framework is SEO-friendly with a power toolkit comprising features like debugging (code is easier to debug) and interactive interface design tools.

Enumerated Below Are Some Statistics on The Use of ReactJS

ReactJS Infographics

if you are looking to hire ReactJS developer, continue reading these selection criteria.

What To Look for Before Hiring A ReactJS Developer

Selecting a ReactJS developer can not be a laidback process. Below are a few parameters you should keep in mind while hiring ReactJS developers.

  1. Possess Relevant Technical Skill Set

One of the most crucial steps while selecting a ReactJS developer is to know that your prospective candidate possesses the required skill set. Few of the skills that s/he must have been-

  • HTML and CSS - Look for a candidate well versed in using advanced HTML/CSS tools and can build captivating UIs.
  • JavaScript and EcmaScript - Make sure they have a good understanding of EcmaScript, DOM, JavaScript functions, hoisting, etc.
  • Testing Tools - Check your developers knowledge of debugging and testing tools, i.e., if they know of Redux, Sentry, etc.
  • Comfortable Working with Frameworks

Your candidate should be well versed with unit testing frameworks and tools like Mocha, Sinon, Tape, Karma, etc. They should also be aware of end-to-end testing frameworks like Cypress, CucumberJS, Puppeteer, etc., along with React libraries.

Also, look for people with good knowledge of JS frameworks like Ember, AngularJS, etc.

  1. Good Understanding of JavaScript Build Tools

Some development tools they should be aware of are Webpack, NPM, Yarn, etc. These tools (along with their primary functions) also assist in automating repetitive tasks, speeding up the development process. Just see if your prospective candidate has the necessary skill set to deal with various configurations, manage dependencies, handle packages, optimize assets, etc., using these build tools.

  1. Comfortable with ReactJS Workflows and Sprint Planning

One of the biggest challenges front-end developers faces is state management in bigscale react applications. Your selection criteria for ReactJS developers should filter people with a good understanding of popular state management frameworks like Redux, Context API, React Native, Axios, Mobx, React Hooks, etc.

Select developers who are comfortable managing React workflows and good at sprint planning, i.e., they can plan and manage workflows within the stipulated time and handle task management tools to boost your project sprints.


  1. Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Candidates with good interpersonal skills are always worth filtering, no matter the profession. Go for candidates with skill sets like,

  • Critical thinking- Critical thinking comes in handy as all problems do not always come with handbooks. People who think on their feet or are quick thinkers are good options to help find apt solutions.
  • Communication- Miscommunication is never good for any profession. Candidates with good verbal and written communication skills will be a bonus for a smooth workflow.
  • Teamwork- Web and app development requires teamwork, and people good at working together will become good additions to the team.
  • Good at feedback- This skill can come in handy when taking constructive feedback without going negative. It might help you save costly mistakes and resolve clashes, if any.
  • Well-Versed with Version Control System

Version control system comes hands-on when you are working on a complex project wherein multiple developers collaborate and make frequent changes in the code.

VCS, in that case, helps streamline the process and code management. It enables Developers to track changes, review old codes, compare new with old ones, undo mistakes, etc. Therefore, give 1st preference to those well versed with this.

Some examples are Git, TFS, CVN, SVN, Mercurial, Firebase, etc., from which Git is the most popular among developers.

  1. Should Be Aware of Basics and Styling Methods

Someone with in-depth knowledge of fundamentals and popular styling methods is a must, as React is a gigantic ecosystem with reusable elements. Developers must be aware of creating React app and its functions along with technologies like Babel, JSX, etc. Your candidate must also know third-party tools that complement his react skill sets. Some of the widely used styling techniques are CSS Frameworks, CSS-in-JS, JSS, CSS Preprocessors, etc.

How To Hire The Best ReactJS?

  • Go through their portfolio.
  • Learn how flexible they are with their engagement models.
  • Thoroughly assess their technical skill set and brilliance in adjacent technologies.
  • Be clear about your project requirements and communicate them properly.
  • Learn about the community and their required skill sets. Make sure your developer has relevant experience and expertise in the field.

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