Xamarin is one of the cross-platform app development technologies used for tvOS, iOS, Android, macOS, and Microsoft using C# and .NET.

In the year 2013, they declared Xamarin Studio which enables you to develop mobile applications using the C# language. Besides, Xamarin revealed the powerful integration with Microsoft's Visual Studio, which helped developers to continue using their favorite development environment for mobile application development.

Known Mobile App Development Companies in India started using Xamarin as it gives great results for business applications. As per the report, Xamarin in 2019–2020 rated among the five most famous cross-platform mobile frameworks worldwide used by app developers.

If you are looking to develop excellent app development leveraging the Xamarin framework, this article will help you understand the importance of Xamarin. We will help you answer why it is worth using Xamarin and explain how it was beneficial for mobile app development.

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Why Xamarin?

For scalable and successful mobile app development, you have to understand how Xamarin works. Experienced Xamarin developers know the roadmap and Xamarin benefits that can make your app more competitive.

There are mainly three kinds of mobile apps: Web Applications, Native Apps, and a Combination.

Native apps that run instantly on mobile devices are preferable by businesses. The help of hardware features on the device such as a camera and sensors help to make the app attractive and feature-driven for your target users.

Xamarin will give you interactive features and better UI for the cross-platform app that will stand out in the market. Here is why:

  • Xamarin takes the central path for mobile app development as it appreciates the individuality of each platform.
  • It identifies that beyond the UI, where apps have a lot of highly reusable components to share with other platforms.
  • In Xamarin, database code is favorably portable.
  • Developers' favorite Xamarin comes with a policy that helps them make unique UI for each platform.
  • Instead of using different languages, Xamarin uses single language C# to create applications.

Here is the Statista showing Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide in 2019 and 2020.


Here are the Top 6 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Cross-platform Development:

Ensures a Native Experience

Xamarin allows developers complete access to native APIs and tools used for app development. It offers nearly native design and performance for iOS, Android, and Windows applications. It is the main reason amongst many to choose Xamarin for app solutions.

It also integrates with the SDK of each operating system, and for the same, dedicated Xamarin developers access the common API to get the native components. It will help you deliver a rich user experience for each platform.

Scale Without Limits

To scale up an app for multiple platforms can be a challenge in the competitive market. Yet, using Xamarin, you can offer high-scale applications without any limits and make your cross-platform apps look and feel consistent.

Xamarin is known for its performance and allows developers to create apps that run on all the platforms without any glitch. And, hence your targeted users will enjoy the app seamlessly and get a better experience using the app compared to other applications.

Scaling your app means when you develop a single app with multiple interfaces. It will help you get a reach interface that attracts potential customers. In addition to that, Xamarin is easy to learn and easy to deploy.

Further, with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio integration, mobile app development companies can deploy apps effortlessly to each platform without spending months of development time.

Fast development

With increasing demands and competition, we need fast development and implementation that helps businesses grow effectively.

Xamarin, as a popular framework, helps you save time in developing an app that could take more time with other frameworks. It is a most attractive benefit that lets you speed up software development and helps in quick deployment.

Eventually, it reduces the development time and cost and, in the end, improves performance by coding once but can run on multiple platforms.

Xamarin also enables developers to build codes quickly and cost-effectively as developers don't have to code every time for different apps. Whether it is Windows, iOS or Xamarin android application development, you can develop the code once and be able to run the pace of development through the tool.

Xamarin features are attractive and valuable to users as it operates a full-featured IDE Xamarin Studio. Full-featured IDE is powerful and boosts apps' productivity.

Xamarin is known for its excellent UI builder, a powerful debugger and streamlines the code completion and app publishing.

If your chosen mobile app development company uses Visual Studio, you can use VS features and functions to make your application powerful with VS plugin.


Highly Safe and Secure

For an excellent cross-platform app, you must choose a framework that offers a safe and secure solution. While evaluating your business app development technologies, you must understand frameworks that fit your requirements with prior authentication.

Further, Xamarin's code signing qualifications within Visual Studio ensure authenticity for all devices. Our developers understand the requirements and, by utilizing Xamarin's' safety elements, help you develop the best mobile app.

The Community Support Is Huge

Xamarin comes with a big community where dedicated developers and programmers are engaged to make the it even bigger. Developers receive lots of help, and all questions are answered from the Xamarin community and libraries.

It is another biggest reason you need to choose Xamarin over other cross-platform development tools. It has an extensive and active community and a great user base that includes people from various backgrounds.

This shows how huge the Xamarin community is and is ready to offer excellent components for your next mobile app development. You will easily get the technical details at all stages, and it also means that when you want to test out an idea, there are plenty of areas.


Multiple businesses are adopting cross-platform mobile app development to explore their business digitally and reach the maximum audience.

It allows them to reach worldwide in less time and cost. To develop a feature-rich app is quite challenging, but with the Xamarin app development company, your task gets easier.

Most decision-makers preferred Xamarin for their cross-platform app and achieved great success in the market. All these because they spent less time to develop by reusing code with a single technology stack.

If you are someone planning to build your next app, we are here to help. Known mobile app development company having a dedicated team of designers and Xamarin developers to hire offers the best mobile app solutions for iOS, Android, and Windows with native UI performance.

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