As per the statistics, over 5 million apps are available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For more innovative solutions, the business needs Top Mobile App Development Trends for end-to-end Software development that helps the business grow continuously. However, the demand increases with a rise in technology and the digitalization world.

The idea of going with mobile app development trends provide opportunities and more flexibility to users who are using the app for individual purposes. Thus, the usage of mobile devices is increasing, and therefore most companies are looking forward to presenting their service or product through applications.

Mobile app development trends for 2022 have constantly updated from the optimum usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Wearable Devices, Augmented Reality (AR), and On-demand apps to designate teams and develop productive mobile application solutions. 

Suppose you choose an experienced Software development company in India, skilled developers, and a QA team test the apps for better productivity and functioning, which shows the app's compatibility. If you are planning to develop a successful app that lasts in the market, this article for upcoming mobile app trends will help you serve customers better.

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Why is thinking ahead of the right strategy?

As for the latest trends in mobile app development, 2022 brings a new opportunity for businesses looking to develop successful applications. It is more about incorporating technology into your business app to give your users a superior experience.

Technologies such as AR and VR development for mobile applications, commercial use of IoT, apps for Foldable devices, and more are examples of upcoming mobile applications features. There are multiple trends to keep an eye on which brings drastic change, including:

  • In February 2021, the Google Play Market had 85,500 applications released, and more competition is going on.
  • Along with the mobile app demands, supply is equally increasing. And experienced developers are offering great mobile applications.
  • In a competitive world, new and relevant product applications win the race.

Every organization follows the latest trends, especially software development companies, which will help you get the right set of developers and skillset as per your app demands and changing market trends.

Mobile app trends can change your thought on how and which app plays a crucial role in full-scale mobile app development. Besides, market research and postponing the release could be beneficial when the market may have similar ideas or may not be ready for any relevant app.

The list below for mobile app trends 2022 is more than just a suspicion. We have shown some research-based top mobile app development trends that will overpower 2022.

1. Incorporating 5G technology


We have seen the mobile app development trends and its contribution to 5G technology for a superior customer experience with changing technology. As a part of this trend in 2022, the accuracy and efficiency of mobile devices will increase to a significant extent.

With the growing, IT industry, Software development company is running towards modern development and offering successful applications from boosting network efficiency to traffic capacity with the help of 5G technology.

Using 5G technology during the app development and testing, the organization can offer improved solutions with quicker outcomes.

Fortune 5G Applications consist of: 

  • Driver-less vehicle technology
  • Machine-driven solutions
  • Cloud computing
  • Wireless medical/healthcare services

2. Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration

The IoT represents a growing network of interconnected devices that offer consumers automated control and convenience. Smart devices and automatic home appliances that are known as Smart Homes are precise examples of IoT technology and mobile app development.       

The Internet of Things is not a new concept but growing considerably with rising technology. With IoT, the rise in mobile penetration across wide sectors and categories has created endless opportunities.

Users are habituated and demanding more from mobile apps where software development companies in India offer technology-based solutions to improve their everyday lives.

Mobile apps are not only to make your day-to-day life easy with phone call, arranging, meeting, and ordering food, but they also assist a house need from a remote location like a lock or unlocking a front door and connecting to home security systems.

As per the report, a global Internet of Things market is anticipated to touch $264 billion in 2022. And $190 billion of that is predicted to come from mobile apps solutions.


The graph shows that the IoT is suspended for steady growth in the coming years, and software development is leading in the market for technology and mobile apps. The number of IoT devices out there is growing, and Statista says the income from technology like the Internet of Things will cover 1.6 trillion by 2025.

3. Apps For Foldable Devices

Most of us have used a flip phone like a decade ago. But yes, foldable devices are the new common where Mobile phones are changing from Touch screens to GPS functionalities, and only one or no buttons have taken over the market.

Foldable devices have formed a comeback in the mobile market when it comes to innovation. The theory here is that an app should offer flexibility and seamlessly modify its display as the screen folds or unfolds.

  • In 2019, we saw the escape of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, an attractive and flexible foldable device, along with the Huawei Mate X, and the new Motorola Razr.
  • According to Statista, in 2019, around 3.2 million foldable phones were transported. This prediction pretends to get raised to 50 million units in 2022. There is no doubt that mobile app trends in 2022 will bring a massive year for foldable devices.

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4. Apps Dependent Blockchain

Blockchain has been in demand for some time, and thus it has evolved more among cryptocurrencies and strengths most digital assets.

One of the most popular emerging mobile app trends in 2020 is Blockchain, as it allows the design of decentralized databases. These decentralized databases work without a single or company gatekeeper.

And due to its security and no one individual can access sensitive users' data by altering databases, Blockchain apps are highly secure.

Best Blockchain Uses for Mobile App Development Trends 2022

By 2021, businesses are moving towards adopting new technologies, where phone manufacturers are adopting blockchain technology. A known brand HTC and Samsung, have already released devices that assist Blockchain technology. 

We use mobile wallets and easy payment helping cryptocurrency, and along with that, mobile devices are coming with DApps (decentralized apps).

By 2022, most IT giants and tech experts will follow Microsoft's lead through the Confidential Consortium (Coco) framework and unclose blockchain technology.

5. Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is the key, and no mobile app trend is listed without mentioning mobile commerce. It is such a trend that brings a change in 2022 mobile apps solutions as it has been thriving since 2020.

Mobile eCommerce characteristics are a top feature for mobile app resellers to present the client pitch. We see new mobile apps every other day, and after the pandemic, the ratio is rising without any limit.


Research shows that in 2021 more than 72.9% of total eCommerce sales came from mobile devices. The majority of these mobile apps play a crucial role in users' daily lives.

In business, everyone targets mobile apps to increase revenue by serving the best to customers. The IT industry is huge, and changes to make money in this market are enormous. From software development companies to large retailers to individual content creators and personal brands, you can benefit from all of them following the top trends of mobile app development.

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6. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

Businesses focus on mobile app development to make augmented reality experiences that present the offerings in the best possible way. While using AR apps, users get a three-dimensional experience where mobile app developers will develop more innovative features and app functionalities.

Multiple app markets including real estate, on-demand, retail, engineering, and more, will continue to use virtual reality augmented with the help of a software development company.

As it stays away from being a standard technology, AR will continue to be an emerging trend in 2022.

Best Uses Mobile App Development Trends 2022  

IKEA, a known brand, has used augmented reality for apps in the best possible way. IKEA has been investing many resources in making the best service to offer as an integral part of their shopping experience.

They used augmented reality to let the user see how furniture will look in different dimensions at your home. Besides, online shoppers of IKEA highly recommend buying from IKEAs as it offers them a unique experience and service with the help of AR from virtually trying on clothes to furniture experience and other related online shopping.


7. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is not new to many but was not highly used in mobile app development. It has gained traction in the mobile industry for a couple of years, and it seems to grow in 2022.

Through Beacon technology, one can link the connectivity from both online and offline worlds. Businesses these days are on the verge of connecting the devices and applications that can run flawlessly for their customers by understanding how they interact with mobile apps.

Customers' data and in-store purchasing behaviour is a massive hint for businesses to process with beacon technology and connecting data. So, if you are planning to develop an app with Native or Cross-platform, here is the difference between Native vs. Cross-Platform Development.

Best Uses of Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

The retail sector is the first to implement Beacon technology for their online stores by using the offline data of users. Today, technology is no new for any industry, and retailers are executing the technology to follow how shoppers communicate and behave at physical stores in real-time.

The software development company and top mobile app development companies are helping retail businesses boost their production and helping them grow by developing the best possible solutions.

In 2022 retailers and other industries will adopt the beacon technology with more mobile features, such as easy shopping and mobile payments.

8. Machine-Learning and AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have hugely transformed the IT industry; especially, they took mobile applications to the next level.

Have you thought, how YouTube identifies your video and displays you on your screen is most similar to your recommendation? And how your phone assistance gets your notification automatically?

It is happening through AI and machine learning algorithms.

Through the Siri app and functionalities like Chatbots, we can manage most of the notifications and activities of the entire phone. These features are the ideal illustration of Google assistance, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

There is no doubt that eCommerce uses such algorithms, especially for ease of authentication, face or fingerprint recognition, and more.

It will help engage more clients from the app and conquer machine learning to improve services.

Snapchat, Netflix, Tinder, and Spotify are examples of AI and Machine Learning Apps.

9. 3D Graphics for Mobile Apps

Widely used in industries, 3D designs are essential elements for 3D printing, architecture, animation, gaming, and industrial design. 3D graphics are incorporated in mobile apps for digital production that gives the real-time effect. 

3D graphic elements are no surprise as with the increase in technology; the design field is also growing. Whether it is iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, the 3D app gives you quality results for free. 

Such useful and attractive graphics will soon become a significant element of smartphones and tablets as they offer enormous scope for activity and the creation of complex graphic objects.

Some of the apps offering 3D designs are:

  • The 3D creationist is the easiest app to make 3D models with comfort. 
  • Morphi is an app that gives you the freedom to design (stretching, visualizing, inventing, and prototyping) without Wi-Fi or a mouse.
  • Gravity Sketch is a 3D creation iPad app that is free, fun, and delightful.
  • utoq3D is a similar 3D app developed for users to make sculptures in 3D by delivering a convenient and intuitive workspace.

10. Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payments

Mobile wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are in trend, and most mobile apps are using them.

Based on 2019 research, $6.1 billion worth of transactions are done from mobile wallets. And the ratio has been raised to $13.98 billion to date.

So, businesses that have immense opportunities for the mobile wallet market and are going to double in the coming years.

  • Mobile wallets are getting in the picture for mobile app development in 2022, where Wallet integration should become a standard feature.
  • For every app that processes transactions, mobile payment is the new common.
  • At present, the mobile wallet penetration rate in apps will increase in the coming years.
  • Businesses have opened doors to offer the best services to users by incorporating mobile payments.

11. On-Demand Apps


Do you comprehend the common element between Drizly, Uber, Drizly, and Zomato? All of them are the best example of On-demand apps that offers all that the user demands in the respective fields.

On-demand mobile app development is one of the most popular mobile app trends in 2022.

Mobile apps like Uber and Airbnb have shown a successful change in the apps market. In an internet-focused and digitalized world, the mobile landscape is something that drives businesses to catch their audience from anywhere. On-demand service apps are in demand as they assemble things easy for both customers and app owners.

The report says users spend $57.6 billion per year on on-demand services to fulfil their requirements. The opportunities for on-demand apps are apparently endless as the demand is rising and there is a high increase in mobile app development.

With B2C, B2B, and C2C business models, entrepreneurs are moving towards on-demand services that assist transactions of goods and services to the doorstep. On-demand apps are like an intermediary between a business and customer and give the best experiences and productivity.

By taking advantage of on-demand app capabilities, a business can boost its process cycle and increase revenue. And, Clients can add cutting-edge functionality to their apps to increase profits.

Examples of types of on-demand apps that remake the on-demand industry:

  • Doctors on-demand
  • Car Cleaning
  • Virtual tutors and coaches
  • Laundry service
  • Food delivery
  • House cleaning
  • Fitness on-demand
  • Maintenance services
  • Pet care
  • Beauty salon

12. Instant Apps

Instant apps will enable users to test them without downloading. Yes, one can use the instant app as a trial and not install it first.

They are specially designed to save mobile space and conveniently use the app to link users to an app's specific function.

These features allow you to try various apps before deciding on one that best suits your requirements.

Examples of Instant Apps are:

  • Skyscanner: helps to access cheap flights and hotels tickets, accommodation and car rental, and more.
  • NYTimes Crossword: It is a crossword of The New York Times. 
  • Buzzfeed: A Quiz, Tasty, and News app that is accessible to the platforms.

As instant apps are popular these days as users can save space and also be able to try the app before deciding one to use for a long time. Skilled mobile app developers are focusing more attention on creating an excellent appearance. In 2022, Instant apps will generate massive traffic and thus revenue for the business.


Mobile apps have completely transformed the business area, and it's getting more evolved with the help of technology. Consumers use mobile apps that make their daily tasks easy and save time.

From online bill payment, banking transactions, food ordering, and ticket booking, users can do it all from the mobile device within a few minutes.

The mobile app market is vast, and 2022 can change the business game if top mobile app development trends are kept in mind. 

Businesses rely on mobile apps to help generate huge revenue and assist in connecting with customers. Companies that desire to remain competitive and a step ahead of competitors in 2022 should look out for the mentioned mobile app development trends.

To grow your business in these digitalized and advanced times, it is crucial that you keep mobile app trends in mind and get the best mobile app development service from the known Mobile app development company in India. 


  • What is the current trend in mobile development?

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are the known mobile app development trends amongst others to watch out for in 2022. Trends like Apps for Foldable Devices, Apps Dependent Blockchain, Mobile Commerce, Augmented Reality (AR) Integration, Beacon Technology, Machine-Learning, and AI, 3D Graphics for Mobile Apps, and more empower users and offer real-time experience.

  • Why are development trends significant in developing a mobile application?

With the increase in Technology, businesses started offering innovative solutions, which became popular with digitalization. Making informed and uninformed people's imagination, understanding the snags, and the possibility of smart solutions plays a key role. The top mobile app development trends will save efforts and time for a successful solution.

  • What is the next big thing in mobile app development?

To make our daily life easy and less time consuming, Mobile apps are being used worldwide. To streamline the mobile app processes, most of the mobile app development trends of 2022 are used for multi-platform design and development as the next big thing to make innovative and highly competitive applications. Get in touch with us to develop a competitive and flexible mobile app solution

  • What is the future of mobile app development?

By 2023, AI and machine learning will be new common, and mobile apps will be incorporated with Beacon and IoT and foldable apps to facilitate users. AI software market revenue will touch $70.94 billion shortly. Most apps will be developed using advanced technologies, such as Mobile Wallets and Mobile Payments, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning algorithms.

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