Globally mobile users have spent 180 billion combined hours with a whopping spend of $28 billion. For any advanced mobile app development, iOS technology is most recommended due to its quality and maximum usage.

As per the latest news, a well-engaging and standout business app will improve branding and help to preserve customers. In the digital world, every online business needs to sell its products and extend its service for a better user experience. It will help your mobile app users with a user-friendly iOS design.

Also, knowing how iOS trends 2021 going to help your mobile application performance or what resources you’ll require is essential. It is highly important to figure out which mobile app development platform will work best for your business needs.

One of the main reasons behind the iOS app growth is the OSs come up with constant improvements during this time. Let’s see the top iOS app development trends for business in 2021. You can hire iOS app developers for productive and reliable business app development for successful integration.

Table of Content

  1. 1. Importance of iOS app Development
  2. 2. Top iOS App Development Trends for 2021
  3. 3. Benefits to opt for iOS App Development
  4. 4. Conclusion

Importance of iOS App Development

iOS helps to be an excellent platform for businesses that are looking for creative app development with secure mobile performance. Here we will help you know the latest iOS app development trends and the future of iOS development for your business app.

For more than 2.7 billion users of smartphones worldwide, mobile apps have grown essential for modern businesses. Estatic Infotech as a reliable iPhone app development company offers excellent iPhone applications with the help of experienced iOS developers.

Further, you can also hire iPhone app developers from us to develop your business functions and improve customer loyalty leveraging a viable marketing tool for improved results.

We wait for the Apple update every year and it surprises us with innovations and developments. Here are the top iOS app development trends we follow and practice for creative app development.

1. Enhanced Security Protocol

We know about the security algorithms and protocols that are required to continue the trend of mobile applications. Apple security protocols are known for their hardcore security and not compromising policies. It will not allow anyone to breach into the Apple devices.

But, if any unusual hacking attacks the apple app or device, a single mistake can wreak destruction. In a report by Phil Schiller, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc. said,

“Apple is serving to defend our children from technologies that could be used to violate their security.”

It crawls forward in increasing the overall security and helps to stop cyber-attacks and activities like data breaches.

Besides, Apple has built a Web Authentication Session for the password Autofill that regulates the cookies and the website data for the signing in. It will ultimately help the device when using the authentication services frameworks to incorporate password manager apps.

2. Swift Programming

Swift programming is the next big trend when it comes to iOS. Swift is the official language of Apple and the programming language for developing iOS apps which have assisted many iOS developers to make their dreams into the form of reality.

In the form of digitalization and mobile apps, you will find mobile app development companies serving customers with top mobile and web applications.

According to the latest data, there are a hundred thousand apps that are written in Swift and available on the Apple App Store. Swift is known for its characteristics such as flexibility, scalability, security, and efficiency. As per the latest Swift updates, Apple has published the stable version 5.0.1 on April 19, 2019.

And Swift 5 has got a heart of developers with its more punch and will help the app development to a larger extent.

3. The Apple HomeKit

Next, we have Apple’s HomeKit which is a great offering by iOS for users. It comes with a range of benefits and the HomeKit also helps users to communicate and control the connected devices and accessories.

Users have an option to create a group to trigger a Siri voice command from Apple HomeKit to control connected devices. The mobile app development companies are practising iOS trends to offer smart home products that are integrated into such devices.

This creative offering by iOS is the favourite of developers in developing products as well as apps that can be connected to Apple HomeKit. It highly assists for easy usage and flexibility. Apple HomeKit continues an important iOS trend in mobile apps.


4. IoT Focused Apps Will Become Prominent

The Internet of things needs no introduction in the digitalization and technology-driven world. IoT is becoming more and more popular for app developers globally as the Internet of things helps connect and create the environment.

Furthermore, the buzz around IoT is not new anymore and it has helped developers build outstanding offerings for the users.

Comparision graph in years for iot spending.png

The future of the IoT is bright as iOS developers use IoT for app development that is value-added for the end-users.

Internet of Things in various industry sectors assist professionals in developing features that are helpful in real-time such as monitoring app and detecting the temperature, and more.

5. User-Friendly Apple Pay

In the iOS operating system, user-friendliness is most required as it hit Apple Pay the most in the coming year. Now the question is what does this user-friendliness mean for the users?

Let’s get in detail about user-friendliness with Apple Pay. It is to help the financial transaction and usage of features in the app much easier. The word “user-friendly” is not only for users but also helps the iOS app developers and Android developers.

To develop more creative and innovative applications, user-friendliness is a concern for developers across the globe.

To offer features that are easy to use and work seamlessly is the aim of user-friendliness in iOS app development. So, features like navigation, payment integration should be more secure and easier for the users.

And, as per the latest update, Apple Pay has improved extensively that is over a 500% hike in the transactions.

6. Core Machine Learning

Core machine learning is an excellent tool for professionals for iOS app developers. For productive and innovative iOS app development services, hire dedicated iOS developers from Estatic Infotech.

The machine learning framework proves one of the best technology implementations by Apple for QuickType, Camera, or Siri. With the help of a robust library, the Core ML integration provides the best communication capabilities to iOS devices.

The ML technology which is highly implemented by businesses also proved to be very effective for face exposure purposes.

Core ML gives the foundation to domain-specific functionalities as it holds the vision for image analysis to appear as the foundation for natural language processing. It also helps to optimize the performance when implemented on devices. Besides, user privacy for data is additionally added to offer more security.

7. Augment Reality and The ARkit

The Apple ARKit is working as a leading kit for the users with the help of Amazon. iOS developers for hire are using it to offer an attraction for businesses with AR and VR.

Augmented Reality and virtual ecosystem are a technology that gives vast expansion to your business app. It is a new way for users to get all they want with ease as a perception to business. In the initial days of AR and VR, Apple has already implemented by integrating the ARKIt in its app helping developers to use from development technique.

8. Advancement in AI and Siri

AI and Siri are the most wanted and popular in the trends list of iOS. No other system is working as good as Siri for iOS mobile app trends. Ever since Siri was integrated, users are going crazy with Apple devices as it offers the best assistance in terms of technology usage.

The personal assistant Siri helps you get your lost things and answers your questions along with calling facility to anyone from your contact list.

Graph for comparing AI personal assistants.png

As compared to Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, Siri's percentage of returning the right answer is 70% and due to that many industries, experts address Siri to be more advanced.

The AI-based assistant becomes better and improved with every new iOS version. And to support the developers, Apple has entered Sirikit that helps in integrating the Siri headways in all iOS applications.

Benefits to opt for iOS App Development

From small businesses to Enterprises, all need an app that gives more value to customers. iOS application helps to solve users' problems, enhance brand value, provide good ROI, and help in increasing profit. Apple’s reach and penetration are more than Android since the launch and it stays at the top to date.

Great Security:

iPhone app development company offers excellent security for the data and user payment with the help of high-quality standards of Apple’s Play Store.

Amazing User Experience:

The basic capabilities of Apple OS are unmatched and the quality it offers is best in terms of performance. Besides, the user experience is amazing as it satisfies iOS users and cannot be negotiated.

Efficient Testing Practices:

iOS has a minor number of devices in the market as compared to other OS but it comes with limited versions. Apple offers the best testing practice for all the devices and makes sure for its seamless functioning.

Greater Market Access:

Apple has a large presence in markets such as Australia, the US, and the UK. For aspiring businesses, iOS is the first preferred choice as it is seeking to target these markets. Most Apple users are loyal and enjoy their investment for a long time.

Loyal Consumer Base:

Apple has a well-established community when it comes to the usage of the device. Any app development you opt for will run well on Apple devices and customers will come to you again due to Apple’s quality and performance.

With the advent of the latest iOS version, along with some innovative features like WWDC 2020 by Apple, the leading mobile app development giant is aimed at influencing the mobile app development industry significantly.

Concluding Lines

iOS app development area is growing and working great with added functionalities. If you are planning to enhance your business and improve revenues, then you should seek reliable iOS app development services from a leading mobile app development company. All these iOS trends in 2021 are going to reshape your business and the entire development process.

All you require is to hire iOS app developers to get an excellent and user-friendly app that has well-integrated these advanced trends for your business.

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