People outside of the Designing world often get confused between User experience design (UX design) and Graphic design. Although both sound similar, they accomplish distinctive sets of skills to perform various tasks associated with product development. Graphic designers work more on the part of the visual elements, whereas UX designers work on the interaction process between the product and users.

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It is OK to be confused about the terminology associated with the design world. To make it even easier, we will start with basics about both UX design as well as Graphic design.

UX Design and UX Designers:

UX designers work more on the interaction design part of a product; it can be digital or otherwise. They are also called User Experience Designers as their work-related more to questions such as: what will happen when users click this specific button? Or say, will changing the color of a particular control make users place a larger order or so?

The top priority of the UX designers is to associate with the layout of the web solution and how users interact with it. While visiting specific web pages, the user's experience is supposed to be more accessible and intuitive. That is the significant difference between UX designs vs. graphic design.

Graphic Design and Graphic Designers:

For branding, advertising, or simply specific information – graphic designers communicate with users through various images and texts. Among various graphic design tasks, the most elemental ones include working on multiple colors, shapes, fonts, and images to create visual content for digital and print media.

Most people are more familiar with graphic designers rather than UX designers. Graphic design jobs are associated with marketing and branding, and it also involves choosing between the overall aesthetic design of the product. Additionally, graphic design work includes creating visual messages using computer software or even by hand.

Difference between UX Designer vs Graphic Designer



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