Remember any logo that got etched in your memory?Or a website that you found really captivating?Some infographic that explained a concept well?Or any brand that you feel gets projected across very smartly.

That is the work of a graphic designer for you.

From textbooks and advertising to magazines and websites, graphics are used everywhere. From explaining a concept to making something visually appealing or promoting a company’s narrative, the uses are endless.

In this article, we list what you should look for when selecting graphic designers.

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What is Graphic Design?

Simply put, graphic design is the art and practice of communicating ideas and concepts into visual content. It could mean something simplistic like a logo or a complex layout of a web page.

Through graphic design, you convey the message of your campaign and product, connect to your consumers, and project an image that is coherent with your brand identity.

Use Of Graphic Design in Business

Just like writers convey their narrative through words, graphic designers use imagery and take elements from art, technology, marketing, etc., to weave their story.

Graphic designers can help you design logos, webpages, brochures, product packaging, letterheads, posts on social media, etc.

Few ways they can help your business-

  • Enhance social media engagement - According to Buzzsumo, FB posts with images get 2.3X more engagement than those without.
  • Make the content more impactful and aesthetically pleasing -An infographic shared by OneSpot reveals a 12% higher web traffic with the use of infographics.
  • Create powerful presentations – They can help you nail your pitch deck.
  • Create a strong and coherent brand narrative – Design logo, website, etc., in such a way that help connect people with your narrative and boost engagement.

Different Criteria to Evaluate While Selecting a Graphic Designer

Finding the right match that suits your vision can take some effort. There is a pool of talent available with different kinds of orientation and skills. Here are 7 criteria that can help you with the selection process.

Communicate Your Goals and Expectations

Solidifying your ideas and aspirations on a piece of paper will simplify the work for both you and your designer. Explaining information like what your project is about, what you seek out of it, any deadlines, time frame, target audience, etc., will put across a clear communication and understanding between both the parties, eliminating the chances of lag, and duplicity, or any confusion.

Know Your Designer's Skills and Inclinations

A portfolio gives you an idea about a person, but don't restrict yourself to just that. Understand what drives and inspires your candidate to know about their inclinations.

Designing is a creative field; it will help you assess how quickly they think on their feet. Understanding their motivations will help you understand their pattern of working and whether it is coherent with yours.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Having a definite price range or keeping a clear idea about the cost you wish to incur will help you narrow down your options considerably.

There is a pool of people to choose from; you can shortlist your perfect picks from people falling in your pool and good with their work simultaneously.

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Setting up a good communication channel is imperative for any operation to run smoothly. If you are looking to hire someone local or even remote, make sure you have good accessibility for open, honest, and quick communication. A good engagement channel will help your designer understand your industry, product, competition, challenges, etc., and you to understand their attitude, style, inclination, skills, and personality.

Experience and Expertise

A good industry experience aids the needed learning process to get acquainted with a business. Someone who has worked in the same industry will be an added benefit as they will be able to connect with your line of workquickly.

Well experienced professionals will efficiently handle clients, deadlines, industry standards, other management processes, etc.


Dive deeper into your designer's portfolio. Don't just pay attention to their skills and experience - see how well their style and inspiration align with your interests.

Also, keep a check on the diversity of their work. Someone who has experience in different fields and whose style aligns with your work might be a good fit for you.

Reviews and Testimonials

Want to know the person you aspire to hire? Go through their reviews and testimonials. You can check reviews on google, web directories, etc., to understand the work ethics and credibility of the designer.

Quality feedback will help you sift through potential candidates smoothly.

Benefits of Hiring a Graphic Designer

Drive Engagement

How you portray your brand tells a lot about your company. A lot of that communication is usual. Creating a strong narrative using requisite elements (logo, website, fonts, and colors for your brand) can help drive engagement drastically.

Build A Strong Brand Image

Think of the arrow in the logo of FedEx or apple’s half-bitten apple? Graphic designers can help you build a strong business identity by helping you create a long-term brand image that is consistent, unique, and identifiable.

Enhance Customer Experience and Satisfaction

We gravitate naturally more towards aesthetically pleasing images than plain texts. And that’s just one part.

Graphic designers can help enhance the user experience and satisfaction by adding consistency in all communication channels.

Higher Conversion Rate

Graphic designers can immensely help you with improved visibility and better communication, which can lead to higher conversion and improved sales.

Improved Brand Trust and Goodwill

They help a business create a strong, consistent, and professional brand image that customers can resonate with. Effective communication, strong brand image, and credibility help improve brand trust and goodwill.

A graphic designer is a must for a business to create a strong brand image. They can help you create a powerful narrative to convey your brand message to your customers. However, the catch is to find the right talent whose style aligns with your interests.

We, at Estatic Infotech, help you with exactly this by providing you with the best talent. So, if you are looking to hire graphic designer, you can browse through our portfolio and connect with us to find the right talent for your company.

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