Nowadays, our smartphones have become extensions of ourselves. Among them, Android has emerged as the big player, grabbing an impressive 70.94% of the mobile operating system market. With more than 6.5 billion smartphones out there, nearly half of all users, around 49.11%, prefer Android.

The sheer extent of Android's popularity is hard to miss. In this rapidly growing environment, businesses should seriously consider hiring Android developers. These developers can create customized apps that perfectly fit this platform. Android is a way of life, not simply software.

In this blog article, we'll look at many businesses that may enter Android app development. We'll also look at how these companies may use the booming Android ecosystem.

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Why Choose Android Programming Language?

No matter the size of your business, Android has firmly secured its position as the top operating system. Let's explore why:

Open-Source Advantage and Easy Access to Resources

Because Android is open-source, developers have a great deal of freedom. Consequently, they may modify programmers to meet their business needs, promoting innovation through collective code improvement.

This is supported by a plethora of easily accessible tools, such as the Android SDK, different APIs, and coding languages like Java and Kotlin. As a result, there is a minimal starting point for business owners, making it possible to start designing Android apps and expanding their customer base on a budget.

Building Applications with a Wealth of Features

Developers can access powerful tools, APIs, and frameworks on the Android platform. Therefore, they can develop apps that are packed with features that are specifically catered to the needs of users, all the while preserving straightforward navigation and user-friendly interfaces. Applications that have been thoroughly considered are more likely to capture users' attention receive favorable comments, and boost sales—all of which help them establish a stronger position in the market.

Seamlessly Connecting with Other Platforms

What sets Android apps apart is their effortless integration with other apps across various platforms. Unlike apps exclusively designed for iOS, Android apps can be spread through multiple channels, expanding their reach and enriching user experiences by linking devices with different setups and interfaces.

Maximizing Returns on Investment

The sheer scale of Android's user base equates to substantial potential profits. A larger audience means more avenues for generating revenue through apps. For startups aiming to carve a niche in the competitive market, Android's extensive user base presents an opportunity to boost sales and achieve rapid growth.

Low Development Costs

Startups frequently need to make every dollar count, so controlling development costs is critical. Because Android is open-source, developers can access key components without incurring large upfront costs. 

For distributing apps, a small registration fee grants access to the Android SDK and programming languages such as Java and Kotlin. This strategy promotes cost-effective development and ensures a solid return on investment.

Android App for Targeting Low-Income Groups and Wider Customer Reach

The Google Play store attracts millions of potential customers, providing a large audience for Android apps. When smart marketing strategies are used, this visibility can increase app downloads, improving the likelihood of success.

Device Fragmentation

Although dealing with various devices presents challenges, it also creates a diverse market. The vast Android ecosystem encompasses a diverse range of devices and manufacturers. Hence, apps can cater to a wide range of users, potentially broadening their market reach.


Android's adaptability goes beyond just smartphones; it extends to tablets, TVs, wearables, and cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. This flexibility empowers businesses to connect with diverse audiences through a single platform.

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List of Industries

The field of Android app development has a lot to offer different sectors, improving consumers' lives and facilitating corporate operations. Let's look at some of the company sectors that can significantly profit from Android app development:

  • E-commerce: Android applications simplify shopping by providing tailored recommendations, quick checkouts, and safe payments. These applications can help e-commerce businesses increase sales and retain clients.
  • Medical: Users can now track their fitness, manage their meds, and even video conference with physicians thanks to the craze for health and wellness applications. Android applications can facilitate remote patient monitoring and increase patient accessibility. Today, we can fill gaps in healthcare and provide essential services to individuals with lesser means by developing clever Android apps.
  • Banking and finance: Using mobile banking applications has completely changed how customers manage their accounts. Banks can use Android applications to provide secure services like account management, money transfers, and investment tracking.
  • Travelers may find Android apps useful at every stage of their journeys, from booking lodging and flights to getting local information and maps. The incorporation of augmented reality could improve the experience by offering virtual tours.
  • Food Delivery: For placing orders, keeping track of deliveries in real-time, and processing payments, the food delivery sector heavily relies on smartphone applications. Using Android applications that accommodate the fast-paced customer lifestyle could improve the efficacy of food delivery services.

How Businesses Make Money from Android Apps

Mobile applications have become powerful revenue generators for many businesses, but their monetization strategies require careful planning based on their offerings and target demographic. Companies leverage various models to profit from apps while providing value to users.

  • Ads Within the App: Many mobile applications contain embedded advertisements that appear within the app interface. Displaying these ads provides a revenue stream for the app developers. They team up with organizations that want to spread the message and get compensated depending on how frequently people view or interact with those advertisements.
  • Free Sample, Premium Stuff for Cash: Some companies will give you a free, basic version of their app. However, you'll have to part with some cash if you want the deluxe features or bonuses. You can then decide if it's worthwhile to open your wallet for the app after trying it out. 
  • In-App Purchases: Some games allow you to purchase entertaining extras like stylish clothing or unique skills. That's how businesses profit. They market virtual things that make your app more entertaining.
  • Paying for VIP Treatment: Many well-known apps offer news, entertainment, and fitness-related information. How? Users pay a monthly fee to access premium features using a subscription-based business model. For instance, a video streaming service might provide a small number of films for free but demand a monthly subscription to grant unfettered access to premium content.
  • Working together with Others: Think of a cooking-help app. They might work with a business selling kitchen equipment to promote their products to app users to make money. It's advantageous for both parties.
  • Payment for the App: Do you recall purchasing a toy from the store? Some applications need a one-time payment before you can download and use them. This may be a great value if the app accomplishes something truly amazing.

Final Words

Hiring Android developers allows you to embrace the possibilities for creativity, growth, and influence and provide technical know-how to your staff. The options are endless, from providing low-income populations with necessary services to developing apps that generate cash.

After reading this text, you may quickly identify and employ Android developers for your forthcoming project. Even if numerous app developers are accessible, finding one with the necessary qualifications might be challenging.

Are you considering building a robust Android app for the success of your business? If so, the talented development team at Estatic Infotech can advance your project. Contact us right now to begin your project.

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