It doesn’t matter the scale and size of your business; each requires a robust system to build applications and the like.

React as a framework has, time and again, proven its worthiness over other, more popular frameworks. However, last year, the web tool took a dip to the 2nd place from the top spot in 2021, ranking 2nd to Node.js. Even though the platform took a dip, we can’t question its popularity amongst developers and enterprises.

ReactJS is one of the most favored tools to add interaction to your web pages, code reusability, and many other features.

But how relevant is it in 2023?

This article covers why you should choose ReactJS for web development in 2023.

Before that, let’s find out what ReactJS is.

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What is ReactJS?

A part of a front-end-focused JavaScript library, ReactJS is one of the most sought-after free programming tools used to build single and multi-page interfaces. React helps you develop reusable user interfaces components and responsive websites.

Built by Facebook, ReactJS is a very popular tool for web development.

The framework offers attributes like ease of learning, SEO-friendliness, community support, and a robust ecosystem with end number of features and tools.

Why Should You Use ReactJS for Web Development?

ReactJS, as an excellent enterprise app development framework, has been around for a decade (2013), gaining immense popularity. The JS library enables developers to create UI (User Interfaces) and applications.

Some Factors About Why React Should Be Your First Choice

  • The framework enables developers to create multiple applications with many functions simultaneously and easily. So, you bid farewell to the complicated application of other frameworks and focus on adding features.
  • You can count on having applications that are user-friendly and understandable.
  • Developers don’t need any prior knowledge of CSS or HTML for the app development process.
  • An understanding of the JS syntax and the functions within the language is enough to get started.

create attractive web application using ReactJs

Advantages of React

React is one of the most widely used web development tools holding the title for more repeat users than any other framework.

The major strength of this framework is its ability to focus on each component separately. It enables developers to break the complex and intricate user interface into simpler components rather than working on the entire system at once.

Let’s find out the advantages of using React.

For Developers-

  • Simple to Use

React isn’t as complicated as some of the other front-end frameworks like Angular. The learning graph of ReactJS is simpler and easier, which is one of the reasons for its popularity among developers. You don’t need to spend a lot of time training other developers or teams on how to use it; basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript would suffice. React can be learned quickly and easily without special knowledge or skills.

  • Reusability

The framework lets you write custom components and reuse them later. It saves developers time as they don’t have to write different codes for the same features from scratch. Developers can build reusable components with JSX (a syntax extension with React), which makes the web tool an excellent choice for high-volume apps.

  • Robust Community Support

React has huge community support, which becomes another reason for its usage in projects. Every day developers help improve the framework’s front end, with many development teams working ceaselessly towards that. You can find a lot of YouTube tutorials and in-depth guides on the internet that will guide you in developing apps and websites with React. GitHub alone has over 1500 contributors/experts, which makes React one of the good picks for 2023.

  • Interactive and Dynamic Content

Most web pages that incorporate CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc., are not dynamic in their content. And more often than not, adding interactive elements to your web pages costs you usability and performance, and that’s what makes React so great, as it supports dynamic and interactive pages coupled with high functionality.

  • Easier Testing Process

Apps made with React are easier to test for functionality compared to other frameworks like Angular. The easy testing process is another reason that makes ReactJS a favorite web development tool for developers.

  • A plethora of Tools

Developers have tools like Frameworks, Extension, Libraries, etc., that make app development simple, easy, and time friendly. A few of the available tools are React Development, Redux Developer, Gatsby, Belle, Evergreen, etc.

  • Declarative

React follows a progressive functionality that enables it to automatically make selected changes in UI (user interface) without taking additional tasks to update the UI. You can make significant changes in the data using React without the hassle of being instructive on each step or worrying about implementation.

  • Easier Debugging and Error Checking

React follows unidirectional data flow, i.e., information (called props) gets inherited from parent to child components. This flow makes the code stable, as any changes in the child component won’t make any in parent or sibling components. The process makes it simple to troubleshoot faults or pinpoint issues with the exact location in the apps.

Also, you have a Chrome extension to quickly debug apps which makes the debugging process quick and easy.

  • React Hooks

Hooks are the mechanism in React that makes writing codes and implementing different functionalities in applications quick and easy. React hooks help create codes that are more readable and usable. Since its inception, Hooks have really improved ReactJS in its functionality.

For Businesses-

  • High-Quality User Interface (UI)

The user interface is a critical component in the success of any digital product. The framework’s declarative components help achieve a rich and high-quality user interface. And as we all know, a well-designed user interface is one of the factors that lead to a rich user experience and help people appreciate the product.

  • Cost-Saving and Flexible

Thanks to its simple modularity, ReactJS offers more flexibility than other front-end development frameworks. React offers different applications for different platforms. For instance, you can use ReactDOM for web apps, React Native for mobile apps, Electron for cross-platform apps, etc. The versatility/flexibility that it offers lets you combine React with other tools to create more complex applications.

What’s more? This flexibility enables businesses to make their development process cost-friendly.

  • Speedy Development

Along with high quality and flexibility, React also reduces development time resulting in time management and faster process. The customized components and virtual DOM make ReactJS faster than other frameworks. The framework has many options that minimize the DOM operations needed to refresh the UI, which results in a faster UI (no specific optimization needed). The overall reduced development time will translate into optimized costs.

  • Relevant in the Longer Run

Every business would want to use development tools that are relevant in the long run and stand the test of time. React has a huge support community and is supported by Facebook. As a result, you have greater code stability and frequent/timely updates to the framework. So, you don’t have to worry about your application getting outdated/insecure for a long time.

  • SEO Friendly

You can vouch for lighter web pages with React. It enables crawlers to crawl through web pages efficiently and rank them easily.

In a Nutshell

React is flexible with a remarkable ecosystem and one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries. Considering the various benefits of ReactJS, it is wise to use it for web development. Without a good ReactJS development company, your development process would not be quick and thorough. So, if you want to Hire a ReactJS developer, we provide the best solutions.

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