The past couple of years has seen a dramatic increase in mobile application downloads, with global revenues poised to reach 100 billion by 2024, making it one of the most lucrative industries.

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Also, the smartphone user base stands at more than 6 billion worldwide, estimated to reach 7.5 billion by 2026, highlighting the profitability of the sector.

The development of mobile apps has led to more revenue opportunities for businesses congruent to the current scenario. There are a plethora of technologies in the market for that, React being one of them.

Overview Of React Native and ReactJS

Developed by Facebook, React and React Native are frameworks to build web and mobile applications.

ReactJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library used to design interfaces for your web apps. Through react, developers can build quick and intuitive web and mobile applications.

React Native is a JS-based framework used to build mobile applications. It is a hybrid framework that lets developers design mobile applications using a single codebase.

So, if you are a business striving to offer smart solutions to your customers, read on. In this article, we go through some factors regarding why react mobile app development should be your first choice.

Increased Use of React

Do you seek intuitive user interfaces for web and mobile applications? Or a simplified coding process?

React is the answer for you.

Over time, ReactJS and react native have gained immense popularity due to their great functionality. React makes front-end development a cakewalk for developers with its interactive UIs and simplified coding process.

React Native uses ReactJS to build mobile and web applications.

Some data regarding the increased use of React and how it is a great mobile app development framework.

  • According to a report by Quess, ReactJS is one of the five top skill jobs in demand, registering this surge post-pandemic.
  • According to data by Statista, ReactJS, as of 2021, became the most used web framework (40.14 % of survey participants reported using React), surpassing jQuery.
  • React is popular for its interactive user interfaces, so much so that around 8787 industry leaders are using React, including companies like Airbnb, Netflix, WhatsApp, BBC, Twitter, etc.
  • Companies that use react native are industry leaders like Instagram, Tesla, Walmart, etc.

Some Factors About Why React Should Be Your First Choice

React Native and ReactJS are one of the most used frameworks today for web and mobile applications. Listed below are some reasons why you should opt for React.

Cross-Platform Development and Code Re-usability

Developing a smart solution for your business means creating the best solutions with minimal sources. React offers cross-platform app development and code usability. What does it mean for you as a business? It offers a smart solution to an otherwise laborious task of writing separate code for each platform. You can use the same code for iOS and Android, helping in quickly developing mobile applications and saving time and effort. Developers don’t need to use different languages like C++ for app development.

Speedy Development with Prebuilt Libraries and huge support community

JS has a huge library and APIs needed for hybrid app development, which helps in developing high-performance applications. React was developed by Facebook, meaning it has robust community support, which is growing day by day. A strong community support (1331 contributors) Lets developers take on challenging projects and bank on for help when needed. Along with a strong community, there is also a growing group of expert community is posting knowledgeable content, tutorials, etc., on platforms like YouTube, Quora, and Stack Overflow. This strong community support helps in faster resolution of problems (as there is a sizable community to assist), resulting in smoother operations for a business.

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Great Support To Third-Party Plugins

React Native offers excellent third-party plugin support. They have an exhaustive list of plugin features to add color to your mobile application. Also, react lets you integrate your existing module to their plugin range which can help create a mobile application enriched with features. React is an excellent choice for applications with complex structures, making it one of the reasons why leading companies prefer react mobile app development.

Enhanced User Experience With Exceptional Performance

User experience is the most important thing whenever you launch anything in the market. After all, Customers make the product a success or a failure. React fills that gap in app development. Laden with rich user interfaces for mobile apps, it ensures great UX. React helps create compelling and engaging UIs with the help of prebuilt components like Picker, Switch, etc. Cross-platform development also helps in creating a strong user base by building more accurate and user-friendly apps.

Low-Cost Development

Every business has a lot of competitors, so seeking solutions that are time, money, and effort friendly is not only a smart thing to do but imperative for a business to stay afloat. Code reusability helps make the app development process accurate, speedier, and easier on the pocket. Other factors that make React a low-cost solution are cross-platform development, reusable components, easy integration, effortless debugging, easy availability, scalability, etc.

SEO Compatible

SEO is essential for any digital business. And react just aids in helping in creating SEO-friendly apps. Mobile application development is an ongoing organic process.

Reusable components in React help developers become more efficient and speed up the development process as they don’t need to write duplicate codes for similar functionality. React helps in dealing with search engines’ issues of reading JS of apps, which helps developers run the app on servers. This feature aids in developing SEO-friendly apps, enhancing ranking, visibility, and growth of your business.

How Do We Help?

React stands as one of the most feasible option when it comes to web and mobile app development. However, the key is in finding the right ReactJS Development Company to help your business efforts.

We are one of the best mobile app development companies striving to provide smart solutions to our clients. If you are looking to hire ReactJS developers, we are here to help you with all kind of queries.

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