Types of business model

Our Business Models

At Estatic Infotech, we understand that every project requirement has its own specialties. Hence, various web development projects of yours require different business models as per your needs.

Our business models have been developed, keeping “flexibility of operation” in mind. We suggest the best business model, which can suit your business processes, requirements, and budgets.

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Fixed Cost Project Model

Fixed price model is the suitable and perfect model for small and medium scope projects, where requirements, specifications, and schedules can clearly be defined before the development phase. The cost is defined based on the labor and resources involved in the project.

1Suited for fixed and defined project specifications

2Established long-term business relationships

3Less flexible

4Re-negotiation over the required changes

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Time & Material Model

We offer a time and material model to execute your project with a variable cost depending on the time and resources spent on the project. This includes the purchase of any third-party software or project-specific hardware. This T&M model is suitable for projects which are not very clearly defined. We provide you with time estimation, project deadline and resource estimate which help you decide your budget.

1Monthly and hourly rates are charged

2Suitable for long-term projects

3Suited for projects where requirements get changed with time

4Advisable for customers who are looking to extend their team

Model of business engagement at estatic infotech

Dedicated Team Engagement Model

With our dedicated team engagement model, we offer the service of our dedicated resources to cater the needs of your project. We provide dedicated resources like web designers, developers, testers, or a whole development team, having a plethora of experience and expertise in the required technology platform.

1Working as per the needs of clients

2Cost-effective resources and flexibility

3Long-term business relationship

4Easy integration with client’s existing process

How Our Business Model Development Process Can Help You Grow

Diagram of business development process by Estatic Infotech