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With a “one size fits all” philosophy, at Estatic Infotech, we develop a cross platform application for your business that covers a wide range of audiences. Give your mobile strategy a winning edge with our unparalleled experience in cross platform app development services.

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Cross Platform App Development Services We Offer

As an experienced cross platform app development company, we specialize in developing customized cross platform apps that are built with a single codebase and use the same IDE, language, and APIs to run seamlessly across all platforms. We help you develop your next cross platform app with our cross platform app development services.

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Cross Platform Strategy Consulting

With our cross platform strategy consulting services, our expert analyzes your existing mobile ecosystem and delivers agile solutions that cater to your business requirements and ever-changing mobile landscape.

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Cross Platform UI/UX Design Services

With our cross platform UI/UX design services, our designers craft and design stunning and interactive user interfaces for your app as per your requirements. Hire cross platform development company for creative designs.

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Cross Platform Development

If you are looking to hire cross platform development company, we will help you out with that as per your business requirements and business model. Our offshore developers are dedicated and have expertise in various cross platform app development technologies.

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Quality Assurance and Testing Services

We help you reduce your operational costs and deliver a high-quality cross platform app with our quality assurance and testing services. Our developers ensure to provide a bug-free app that runs smoothly on every device.

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Support and Maintenance Services

We will never let you face any bugs or problems on your existing app. Our expert team ensures that your app stays up to date with the latest technologies and features, so we provide round the clock support and maintenance for your project.

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Enterprise Solutions

We help you develop industry-specific and enterprise solutions for your business. You can avail customized cross platform app development services for any industry verticals ranging from startups to large enterprises across the world.

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Build High-Quality Hybrid App With Cross Platform App Development Company

An application is a great way to reach your targeted audience in a very most effective way. However, you can’t decide or have an app that runs only on a specific platform, either Android or iOS. If you do so, you are losing plenty of customers. Hence, it’s mandatory to develop an app which is hybrid or runs across all the devices seamlessly. Therefore, cross platform apps or hybrid apps have taken their place in the world of the mobile app development company.

Estatic Infotech is the best cross platform app development company, which provides high-quality and feature-rich cross platform apps at affordable prices. Our cross platform app developers develop an app with a single code so that we can help you save your budget and deliver an app in no time. As an experienced cross platform mobile app development company, we understand your requirements, do thorough research, and come up with creative solutions that are coded once and perform it smoothly across all mobile platforms.

As a prominent cross platform app development company, we use standard technologies like Javascript, HTML5, and CSS to develop an app for your business. We harness the potential of hybrid mobile app development frameworks such as PhoneGap, Ionic, Sencha Touch, jQuery, AngularJS, React Native, and Titanium to develop mobile apps that render the same look and feel, and functionalities irrespective of their screen sizes. Hire developers to meet your business needs and get your cross platform app delivered on time and within budget.

Industries We Serve

We have successfully served all the industries on time. For the last ten years, we have worked on the finest projects for 500+ clients globally.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social Networking
  • Finance & Banking
  • Travel
  • Fitness & Sport
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
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Why Choose Us For Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company?

We accelerate your business smartly by developing cross platform applications that boast quality and signature that’s truly worthy of your brand with our cross platform app development services. We deliver bespoke cross platform development services to satisfy the evolving demand of the modern business era.

Expertise In Cross Platform Development

Our team is one of the earliest adopters of cross platform frameworks and we strive to give it our best. We follow the most innovative programming methodologies for the accuracy of the products. We ensure the products we build are perfect and bug-free.

Affordable Development Costs

We provide you with an affordable estimated cost for the development of the project and we keep it pocket-friendly. When the cost is well estimated, that becomes easy for you to set your budget and work accordingly.

End to End Solutions

Starting from ideation, planning, implementation, and execution to helping our clients in every manner, we use cross platform technologies to develop an app that works seamlessly with all the systems. We just don’t stop here. But we ensure an app is launched and enjoyed by users.

Excellence in Service

Our professional and experienced developers provide an excellent positive work approach and dedicated cross platform app development services. They strive to achieve the best results for your project. This sets us apart from our competitors in the industry.

Secure & Trusted Partner

The best advantage of joining hands with the best cross platform app development company is, we provide 100% security and redemption. We’re a trusted partner of choice for global business. Your data and sensitive information are completely safe in our hands.

Quick Support & Maintenance

We understand every mobile app requires updates on a regular basis and bug solutions to sustain its benchmark in the market. We provide post-development support and maintenance services to make your app bug-free and maintain a long-term business relationship.

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We serve the modern tech-savvy client by bidding on the challenges of your bespoke requirements.

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Our Development Process

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Benefits of Cross Platform App Development Services for Your Business

By choosing us as your cross platform app development company, we refer to the act of developing an app that adheres to the ‘Write One and Run Everywhere’ methodology.

Reusable Code

It allows developers to write a single code for every platform. So, developers can reuse the same code across all platforms.


Now you must invest once to create an app for every device. You don’t need to spend money on developing apps for every individual platform.

Quicker Development Time

Since it allows developers to deploy with a single script, an app can be developed very soon when compared to other development services.

Larger Audience Reach

Since it runs on any platform, an app can be built and published for multiple app stores at the same time. So, you can reach a wide range of audiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a cross-platform application more cost-effective than a native application?

Yes, cross-platform app development is cost-effective in most cases. You can get assistance from a leading cross-platform app development company where only 60% of the cost will be to build native building apps for multiple platforms.

What are the benefits of Cross-Platform App Development?

Here are the reasons why Cross-Platform app development is popular:
- Ability to reuse code
- Optimal performance
- Relatively simpler user interface
- Reduced app development time
- Support for third-party plugins
- Modular architecture
- Live and Hot Reloading
- Reduced project cost

Which platform is more secure- native or cross-platform?

Both the platforms are secure, and it is based on the requirement of an app. Both platforms can offer a secure environment.

I already have a native app for my business. Can I still use cross-platform app development?

Yes, you can use cross-platform app development to add a single view. You can use it for a user flow to your existing application. This add-on integration must be done separately for all the platforms.

Are cross-platform apps recommended for gaming applications?

Gaming works differently than other industry applications. To offer superior user experience along with scalability of the app, it is recommended to build the app separately for each platform.

What factors should I consider in deciding whether to build a cross-platform application or not?

For any cross-platform app development, you need to determine the purpose of your app. Following that, you can decide on how the UI is expected to perform. If you are looking to add gaming-level animations with a high-performance result, then a native app is the right choice.

What is the effect of content size on my cross-platform application?

For any cross-platform app, the size of cross-platform applications is large, and hence, content is not an issue.

Which cross-platform is best for mobile app development?

Here are the top 5 cross-platform frameworks of mobile app development for 2021.
- PhoneGap
- React Native
- Ionic
- Flutter
- Xamarin

What are the challenges in cross-platform development?

The one considerable big challenge of developing a multi-platform application is how to manage the codebase. Generally, each platform needs a unique code along with separate development and additional time for the development as per the platform requirements.

What is your approach to developing a cross-platform mobile app?

As the name states, cross-platform apps determine an app that can run on different platforms. Developing a cross-platform mobile app includes a great alternative to native development and helps to solve the challenge of developing a separate application for each mobile platform.