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We are developing software solutions propelled with innovation and driven by values. Get industry-specific custom software solutions for the excellent start-ups, enterprises, and SMBs.

Empowering Business with the future-driven Software Solutions.

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What We Serve!

Software Development Services

At Estatic Infotech, we serve small to large enterprises with tailor-made software solutions. Get complete software services from us across multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and more.

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Integration Services

We help you integrate the software solution with your existing software by robust strategy. Besides, for the interaction of the software, you will get a seamless experience by consolidating software sub-systems.

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API Development

For the feature-rich API, our custom software developers' team will assist in developing secure and well-documented custom API solutions. We enable smooth software implementation with internal or external systems.

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Business Software Development

We have delivered effective software solutions across various industry verticals. As a Custom Software Development Company, we help you develop Resource Planning Software, Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, and more.

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Software Product Development

As a Custom Software Development Services, we focus on required functionalities and performance of the software to successfully develop and implement software products that gives superior experience.

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Desktop Application Development

For any business to manage it smoothly, robust and secure cloud desktop software is required. Get a performance-driven desktop solutions for a faster interface that resides on the user computer.

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Software Support & Maintenance

We offer software support and maintenance services to ensure the performance of the software and enhance business productivity. Get the consistent reliability of the solution with troubleshooting and software evolution.

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Get Your Customized Software With The Leading Custom Software Development Company

Are you facing challenges while integrating your system? Or Do you have to give it a lot of time and manual effort to run a business process?

It's time you require high-performance advanced software that helps your business by catering a specific need. Whether you need internal-management software, digitalize a workflow effectively, establish a business platform, or any business solution to enhance your operations, we have expertise in developing a custom software solution.

Our proficient custom software development services will assist in handling any challenges and complexity that help grow your business seamlessly. We know that handling an entire business is not easy! With experience and knowledge in software development, we help businesses grow. As per the statistics, more than 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years due to the setback on the technological part.

We have developed modernize legacy systems, streamline application portfolios, and integrate software into existing IT systems. If you are looking to have cutting-edge business software, we will help you develop a profitable solution with the help of Custom Software Development Services.

Industries We Serve

We have successfully served all the industries on time. For the last ten years, we have worked on the finest projects for 500+ clients globally.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social Networking
  • Finance & Banking
  • Travel
  • Fitness & Sport
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
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Why Choose Us for Customized Software Development Services?

With years of experience, we have built a strong team of dedicated and professional software developers who are experts in building exception solutions. Offering a wide range of custom software development solutions, we help you get a software using advanced technologies such as jQuery, .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET), XML, and more.

Real-time Communication

We believe in long-term relationships and for developing a great relation, we focus on communication and quality of work. Estatic Infotech has a great consulting team where you will be served with real-time communication.

End-to-end Software Solution

We are known for our work and the quality we serve for web and mobile software solutions. You will get an excellent solution with a pleasant design and effective features including all other services for software management.

Experienced Resources

By partnering with us, you will get the custom software developers who will help you develop a competitive solution. We have a broad experience in software development meeting all your business requirements.

Get Quick Response

We understand the business needs and value the time by offering a fast response. Our customers are our priority and thus we streamline the process to continue to offer a quick response to every customer.

Deliver On Time

With experience, we evaluate the project scope and determine the accurate time required for the development. As per the project need, we create a timeline, and once it is approved, we stick to them to deliver the project on time.

We offer Competitive Pricing

Estatic Infotech offers a great solution in competitive pricing. We are capable of understanding the business needs and analyse the cost accordingly. With our in-house skill set, you will get the best price for software development.

Looking to Hire Custom Software Developers for Your Project?

Leverage the benefits of our expertise in developing customized software for your business to give it an advanced technology touch.

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Our Development Process

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Benefits of Custom Software Development Services For Your Business

Customized solutions are built to fit all the business needs in a specific application that functions with efficiency. With the help of flexible software, your business functions positively in the long run.

Application Modernization

You will get advanced technology-based customized software including all features you required or updating existing software with modern standards.

Targeted Solutions

Customized software development assists you with the most important reason to invest in is to build a software solution that represents your exact needs.

Increased Reliability

Business solutions are developed to increase its reliability that enhances business services with control over pricing, terms and conditions, and the future of the business

Software Integration

Using custom software development, you will be able to integrate your new software with existing software to sharpen business processes as per demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of custom software development?

Here are the advantages of Custom Software development for business productivity.
- You will get streamlined business procedures.
- Chances to enhance the level of collaboration between teams.
- A higher level of business profitability.
- More scalable and unique solution.
- Worth investing in a customized solution that covers business-specific needs.

How do I find a cost-effective custom software development company?

If you are looking to develop custom software for your business, hire a software solutions company that has experience in building customized business software solutions. They can assist you with unique and feature-rich software as per your budget.
Estatic Infotech is a leading Custom software development company in India offering a superior experience to clients.

Do you build software for enterprises?

Yes, we develop Enterprise-level software. Our team of professionals and IT experts have successfully delivered enterprise software solutions covering all the requirements of the business.

What development methodologies does Estatic Infotech use?

We use standard and industry-specific software development methodology that is Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP). It provides completing the process with detail and fast releases.
For any budget constrain project or with expected timelines, we follow Waterfall.

Why Should I Outsource Custom Software Development?

With the help of a Custom Software Development expert, your business will gain more productivity ad saves time while managing the internal functions. The best-in-class software solutions are developed when you hire custom software development company.
Enterprise software development services at Estatic Infotech incorporate web, mobile and integrates with all required technology that supports to increase ROI.

What technologies do you use for development?

We are passionate to offer technology-driven solutions that drive the business's future. In the span of more than 10 years, we have hands-on experience of the most adopted open-source technologies as well as the emerging ones like .Net, Java, Xamarin, AR / VR, React Native, Flutter, PHP, SharePoint, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Python, Node.JS, and more.

Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for my project?

Yes, we follow the standard process of project security and confidentiality of the data. We sign NDA for the clients' project and operational requirements.

Do you provide system documentation?

Yes, at Estatic Infotech, we offer the SRS documentation to our clients. Besides, we offer the code that will have comments to help with comprehension.

How many development resources do you usually assign to a Software project?

We have a huge team of tech experts and developers including a Technical Architect and Business Analyst. For a custom software development project, we assign a Project Manager, BA, and a team of designers and dedicated developers with a QA team for quality assurance.
- What are the preparations needed to create customized software?
- Choosing The Right Technology Stack.
- Picking The Right SDLC.
- Planning The Development Budget.
- Choosing The Correct Pricing Model.
- Custom Software Risks and How to Address Them.
- Your Journey from A Feature List to the Final Product.

Do you provide software development consulting services?

Yes, at Estatic Infotech, we offer custom software consulting services that will cover end-to-end custom software services. It will enhance your business functioning and business processes.