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We have the right blend of resources and technologies to deliver excellent website development services. Our expert web developers and designers help you get the required website with user-friendly features.

Get more reliable and scalable Website with our Expertise.

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Website Development Services

At Estatic Infotech, we deliver end-to-end website development services. Get user-friendly web development services for your business productivity.

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Website Development

Our website development services encompass front-end and back-end development. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing website or to develop a new business site, we are here to assist.

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Responsive Design

Our dedicated developers' team will make sure that the client’s website is secure and responsive on every device. To get a highly flexible and responsive website, hire our experienced developers' team.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App is known for the best website experience thus businesses are now focusing to develop a progressive website that functions more quickly during poor internet connectivity.

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Third-Party Integration

For real-time access, your website needs seamless third-party integration services for smooth functioning. It will assist you to trace the success of your website by examining the known section of it.

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Software Development

Our Software development solutions will help your business get organized and enhance productivity. Get software development services from us to streamline the process and with quick financial returns.

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QA & Testing

To run the website smoothly, it is essential to check the quality of web application. We process all the testing approach for the website security and monitor the performance to avoid long-term issues.

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Get Scalable Website Development With Top Web App Development Company

To stay compatible in the highly digital world, a business needs to have secure and scalable web applications. It should fulfil all your business requirements to offer the best user experience.

Users will not wait if your website will take more time to load, so there is no space for slow performance site in the era of digital transformation.

Over the decade, Estatic Infotech has delivered 400+ web solutions across the globe. The more active your app is, the greater advantage you will have in this competitive market. As an expert website development service provider, we offer web development solutions that give you a superior experience.

Meet our team of professional developers and designers who uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to develop performance-driven web solutions. Our custom web development services will offer competitive web applications, large-scale websites, enterprise portals, e-commerce portals, web tools, and SaaS solutions that satisfy your end-users as well as business needs.

For customized website development, we have dedicated web developers who will help you build futuristic web solution.

Industries We Serve

We have successfully served all the industries on time. For the last ten years, we have worked on the finest projects for 500+ clients globally.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social Networking
  • Finance & Banking
  • Travel
  • Fitness & Sport
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
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Why Choose Us For Website Development Services?

At Estatic Infotech, we help offer a great experience with user-friendly and easy-to-use website development services that drive your business growth. Besides, our client's happiness encourages us to develop web solutions that address the right information.

Performance-driven Web Solution

We develop and offer websites that are scalable and performance-based. For the web development solution, we build striking solutions that give you high-quality results.

Exceptional Customer Services

In the competitive market, we understand the business needs and investments our clients make. We offer exceptional services for end-to-end website development.

Ecommerce Specialities

We have created a comprehensive eCommerce site to handle complicated issues associated with cross-channel platforms, multichannel platforms, and more with our technical and non-technical expertise.

Competitive Prices

With advanced technology and web development expertise, we deliver outstanding web solutions at a competitive price. To maximize your sales, get an exceptional website that fulfils all your business needs.

Dedicated Project Managers

With the help of our dedicated project managers, you will have a smooth project development process. Our technically sound managers will handle your project very well and deliver with excellence.

Proven Website Development Result

With more than a decade of experience, we helped our customers with excellent websites. Our clients are satisfied with the service and they are the example of our dedication and expertise in developing web solutions.

Looking to Hire Website Developers for Your Project?

As a leading web development company, we have a dedicated team of web developers and designers who will offer a website with the help of advanced technology.

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Our Development Process

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Benefits of Custom Web Development Services For Your Business

With the appearance of new technology, it is a necessity to have a business website that helps you benefit in marketing and advertising and streamline the brand. You may face issues in getting clients if you do not have a user-friendly, feature-rich, and robust website.

Provide visual content

Selling obscure services or products can be stressful. But, with the help of a website, you can promote your services directly to customers. Website development will help visualize your services with ease.

Increasing user engagement

An organization was hosted in a brick-and-mortar structure where a business needs an excellent website development company. Our web development services will help you get a robust and secure website.

Reach out to more clients

One of the main aims of developing an attractive and user-friendly website is to grow in terms of customer base. Estatic Infotech offers the best web development services to achieve the business milestones.

Win with SEO

SEO is essential for search engines to make your business visible online. With an SEO-friendly website, your web presence will improve when more users will visit your business website

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a web app and a native app?

A web application runs on a web browser and requires mobile data or wi-fi to work. On the other hand, the native app is installed directly on the mobile phone and depends upon the nature of the native app; it can work without using an internet connection.

What technologies do you use for web application development?

We use multiple technologies for web development. For front-end development we use HTML, Angular, VueJS, ReactJS, JavaScript, etc. For backend development, we use Node.js, Laravel, Golang, Python, PHP, and more.
When it comes to e-commerce & CMS projects, we use WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and many more.

What are the benefits of outsourcing web app development?

Here are some of the essential benefits of outsourcing web app development company:
- Customized solution
- Cost-effective and operational cost
    - Flexible time-zone
    - Dedicated resources
    - Access to experienced developers
    - Quick development and execution
    - Guaranteed quality services

How much does website development cost?

The cost of website development depends on multiple factors like chosen technology, business requirements, the complexity of a project, development platform, the country of the development company, and more. For more details, you can contact us and get expert assistance on your project.

How do you choose the ideal technology for my project?

We analyze your project and the need of the business along with market trends. For the future-driven app, we consider essential parameters that fit your business. We drill down your project and suggest the best technology for your website development.

How long does it take to build a website or web app?

The duration of the website development is based on the app features and design. For a high navigational and feature-rich app, it can take 6-9 months. In general, web development can take 5-9 months based on the selected technology and development platform.

What do you include in Web development services?

At Estatic Infotech, we offer end-to-end Web development services that include design, development, testing, support, and creating all types of web-based software. With more than a decade of experience in web development, we give spontaneous and fast websites development and other web solutions that bring profit and heighten your business workflows.